Can I use other game's arts?

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by willzeng, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Game is not only art but also business.
    So don't "steal" any thing without permission
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    As far as I know, if you are taking graphics from other games, including graphics for UI elements and items, without the permission of the original author (either given on an individual basis or granted via license), then you are in breach of copyright.

    The same applies to music, sound effects, or any other games assets. If you take them and use them in your own work without permission, you are in breach of copyright.

    There's a crucial difference between using someone else's drawing of a spoon and drawing your own similar looking one.

    If you recreate something very similar, then as far as I know, you're not in breach of copyright. But if you create something absolutely identical - especially a pixel by pixel copy - I doubt any claim that you made it yourself is going to go far.

    So what happens if you breach someone's copyright by stealing their assets? Well, apart from opening the door to possible legal action against you, if your game is available on the Play store or the App store and the person you're stealing from finds out about it, they'll most likely submit a breach of copyright claim to Google/Apple. If their claim has merit, your game will be removed.

    In short: Please try to avoid stealing other people's work.
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    "I use all kind of pictures I can find. UI & items, I believe they have no copyrights."

    This is illegal, plain and simple. Unless you are sure that the item in question is free domain or that the author has given permission for commercial use in some way, you are breaking the law. This isn't just a "moral issue," it can result in big legal trouble with your work, and legal trouble for you personally. It means that the original author of the work can demand that the content is taken down immediately, which isn't up to you; it's up to the folks making decisions regarding the Apple store. And it's in their best interests to avoid any kind of legal conflict, so believe me, they will not hesitate to take your content down... And that would be the least of your worries.

    "I don't get what I want to know. Simple no is just as ignorant as simple yes. Someone draw a spoon in his app and other people can never again illustrate a spoon anywhere? If they look alike?"

    There is an infinite number of ways to draw even something as simple as a spoon, countless rendering techniques, sizes, color variations, and so on. In other words, if your spoon is original, it is going to be distinct, and if it is a copy, then it will be possible to determine that. If you are using another artist's spoon in your app, you are not only stealing the time that he used to create the spoon, you're also lying about who produced the spoon so that you can (presumably) make a profit. There is simply no good defense for using another artist's content without permission, period.
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    In your original post you asked about using a tool to take monster animations from Kingdom rush, that's wrong and that's stealing.

    Drawing or creating an item that looks similar to someone else's item is different, and not what you asked in the OP, If I drew a spoon I have zero doubt that it would look the same as someone else's spoon but I'd have my drawings and sketches to back up that I hadn't just bunged a peice of tracing paper and copied it.

    I personally wouldn't use public domain images either, all the ones I've seen look shit.

    I like Lazer Kats response.
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    What about community response if someone, like the developer in the thread I posted got caught? Keeping in mind the TA thread is only one of many responses to the theft of assets. Kotaku and CultofMac as well as others had reported on it, seemingly doing great harm to the financial success of the game.
    Considering how hard it can be to break through on the AppStore, doing things that harm your chances before you even code the game seems like an ill advised idea.
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    Exactly, its total commercial suicide to do this. I think its even more crazy asking people if its okay to steal art from other games !

    Either way i shall be avoiding this devs games completely

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