Can’t go to forum preferences on iPhone

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    You have to pull out the side drawer via the hamburger menu to go to preferences, your profile edit dialog, etc.

    However, the side drawer does not clear when tapping on these modal dialogs. It blocks them completely in portrait, and the left half in landscape. The drawer will only clear when tapping the page behind the dialog—this clears the dialog as well, making it totally inaccessible.

    This applies to all functionality that launches a modal dialog from the forum side drawer, including tapping the avatar silhouette, preferences, etc.

    From a UI POV, that burger menu should probably be a toggle and shouldn’t disappear when the drawer is out. Tapping it should close the drawer again, which would both fix this problem and be more typical of how hamburger menus work.

    A less intrusive fix would be a close link or widget on the open drawer.

    Either way, tapping outside the drawer as the only way to close has a number of interaction issues and probably makes the site rather inaccessible in an a11y sense. Voiceover, screen readers for the blind, etc, require actual named elements on the page for every operation.

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