Cameras in Next Gen iPod Touch

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    Two new images of cases for the upcoming iPod Touch and iPod Nano have begun circulating. The new cases suggest that the next generation Touch and Nano will indeed include a camera.

    The first image from Uxsight is listed as a "New iPod Touch 3G" with "hold for a camera in the back" and comes with the following image:


    The second case design was posted on DealExtreme and shows an "iPod Nano 5" case with another hole in the back that is presumably again for the camera:

    The reliability of these early case designs has been mixed in the past. While they have been accurate with the iPhone 3G design, they were also responsible for many of the iPhone Nano claims which never came true.

    Still, the design of the iPod Nano's camera location is consistent with sketches provided by iLounge in May. iLounge also reported that the iPod Nano would be getting a camera with its next revision.

    Source: MacRumors


    TechCrunch now claims that they too have heard evidence that the next generation iPod Touch will have a built in video camera.

    One of our sources in Asia say that Apple has placed an order for a massive number of camera modules of the type that they include in the iPhone. These are inexpensive cameras, in the $10 range. And the size of the order, our source says, means they can only be used for one thing - the iPods.
    The rumor that the iPod Touch would get a camera first appeared in May from HardMac. The rumor, however, now makes more sense since the introduction of the iPhone 3GS which features video as a major new feature. When Apple does update the new iPod Touch, it seems likely that they will also upgrade the device to the more powerful processor and graphics chips that were introduced in the iPhone 3GS.

    Meanwhile, TheAppleLounge points to another 3rd generation iPod Touch case design at DealExtreme which again shows off a centrally mounted camera hole:


    The next generation iPod Touch is expected to be released in September.

    Source: MacRumors
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    Hopefully Apple includes the digital compass.

    At first I didn't see the need, but now I see how it could be used in games in conjunction with the accelerometer. True first person gaming.

    The camera, if it is indeed included, would just be a bonus.
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    The nano too...
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    The camera will be awesome. There are times I wish I had a camera with me. I alway keep my iPotch on me so that will be useful. This would also make photobucket and Facebook more easy to add pictures.

    If there is a video camera, I would be doubly happy because I would be able to make more YouTube videos.
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    I'm not made of cash so i'll just keep my iPod Touch 2G... Might as well buy a cooler phone for 1/3rd or 2/4ths of the price with a camera, keypad, games (not app approval), 3G/4G.. internet, etc..
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    If this has the same camera etc.. like the iPhone 3GS (auto focus, video recording, etc..) I wont mind working out $300 for it.
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    Isn't the iPhone camera meant to be pretty bad quality? I'd rather see a compass feature, so I can use my astrology apps without having to find North myself, being a bit lazy:p
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    I'd be happy with a 2.0 megapixel camera, but considering the touch is cheaper, maybe we could go for a 3.0? 2.5?
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    I doubt they would put a compass since they didnt put a GPS on the iTouch 2G.

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