Cafe Once Upon a Time – a new time management game in a fable world by Meridian!

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    Hello everyone,

    Today we are happy to announce a new time management game we've been working on will be released very soon in early October, It is called Cafe Once Upon a Time, As its name suggests, it is centered around running a cafe set in fairy tales.

    The game will bring together a number of characters from classic fairy tales and put them into the same universe. Some of them can become helpers in the cafe while others will come seeking for a meal.

    As the highly anticipated iPhone 5 will be released soon, Cafe Once Upon a Time will support the new 4-inch screen, so you will be able to take advantage of the nice widescreen when you play it on your new iPhone (and the newest generation iPod touch of course).

    The game will come out for iPhone/iPod touch initially, and the iPad version will follow soon.

    Here is a quick list of features:
    • Story mode with 50 levels of busy cafe madness
    • Large collection of classic fairy tale characters
    • 8 distinctively themed cafes
    • Use magical boost items and skills to help manage the cafe more easily

    Check out the screenshots below for a quick peek of the game! Want to find out exactly who are the fairy tale characters to be in the game? Just stay tune as more information about the game will be added here as the release date is getting closer ;) A trailer will be coming too!




  2. Meridian

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    Well, you guessed right. There's got to be a witch in classic fairy tale;)
  3. lena

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    Mar 26, 2011
    I have been disappointed with time management games lately. 8 different worlds sounds cool, but does that mean that just when you have upgraded your cafe so that it finally plays well and the game starts to be fun, you get a new cafe and can start over again?

    The graphics do look nice. Any info on IAPs?
  4. imosmo

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    Aug 18, 2011
    will there be iap for the game? I have seen you mentioned 8 themes.
  5. Meridian

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    Thank you for your compliments on the graphics. I will sure pass that on to our graphic team ;)

    Regarding your question, there is no need to worry. The upgrades will be carried over to the next cafe you play, so you don't have to start all over again upgrading everything :)

    In terms of IAP, we are planning to release the game for free and you'll get to try out the first 2 worlds. If you really enjoyed it, then a one-time IAP will be available and you will get to play the rest of the worlds after you purchased it.

    Hope that helped answer your questions.
  6. Meridian

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    Hi there, as I mentioned above, you will get to try out the first 2 theme worlds free and see how you like the game, then a one time IAP to play rest of the worlds.
  7. Meridian

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    Introducing some of the helpers in Cafe Once Upon a Time

    Hi again, we want to show you guys another screenshot which will let you see two more fairy tale characters (Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty) joining Snow White, Alice, and Little Mermaid as helpers you can hire for the cafe!

    They also have magic skill you can use during the game. It will really help you out when the cafe gets real busy;)

  8. The artworks looks really good. Will give it a try when it comes out. Great work!
  9. Meridian

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    Thank you for your kind words! The game should hit the App Store soon in early October, please stay tuned :)

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