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You are invited to build a fantastic dream hospital! Build a theme hospital with your smart strategy NOW! And expand it …
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You are invited to build a fantastic dream hospital! Build a theme hospital with your smart strategy NOW! And expand it to the most famous and supreme hospital in the world! ▶ BUILD YOUR DREAM HOSPITAL FREELY There are plenty of rooms, decorations and facilities. To operate your dream hospital well, you need to decide which, where and when to build them to improve the performance and efficiency. ▶ CREATE YOUR MEDICAL TEAM Hire doctors, nurses and cleaners according to their capabilities, place the right doctors and nurses in work positions to save more lives! Train, equip and upgrade them to improve their performance. It is fun to operate a doctor game and surgeon simulator like this. ▶ SET UP YOUR OWN SMART STRATEGY It is not a simple hospital games or doctor games only. To be a great hospital tycoon, as the manager you need to make right choices on your hospital design and strategy. Your doctors and nurses, buildings and decorations will have impact on the status of your patients as well. ▶ CURE VARIOUS PATIENTS Among all the hospital games, Fun Hospital is a crazy hospital game. Enjoy your idle time watching waves of cute little patients walking, sitting and receiving medical treatment in your hospital! Each of them has unique appearances before and after treatment. ▶ CHALLENGE HUNDREDS OF DISEASES AND SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES Upgrade your technology to unlock more diseases. You will be able to save patients from the pain of fever, OCD, pregnancy, fart, zombie curse, blood phobia, muscle injury, cat slave, mermaid, game addict … ▶ COMPETE TO EARN REWARDS Create or join a union. Help your union mates and complete union tasks to increase your union ranking in the weekly Medical Tournament! The Top Hospital Unions will make great money and trophies every week! ▶ A GREAT STORY IN FUN HOSPITAL If you’re a fan of online tycoon games then you’ll LOVE this crazy hospital game! This wonderful theme hospital game has it all – love story from different patients, stimulating storyline for the challenges, various role playing missions, exciting medical tournament and much more! ▶ PLAYER REVIEWS: “I have been waiting for tycoon games like this on mobile devices for ages. Take me back to the old theme hospital games! Hilarious characters, funny stories and clever game design which brings me tons of fun. “ “Great time killer! Classic theme & tycoon games style. Funny as hell! “ “My Sisters and me love to play this Fun Hospital games so much! It is a wonderful doctor games for free.” More from Fun Hospital: - Design my own dream hospital from the ground up in this addictive doctor games! - Operate this crazy hospital well to save more lives! - “My hospital can’t hold too many patients!” How about expanding it to save more lives? - Operate hospital in a crowd city and experience my own dream hospital story! - Save all the lives from emergency cases with best doctors and nurses. - Join a union and fight with friends in the weekly Medical Tournament. - “Unite my hospital and yours and cure patients together!” We will be playing this hospital games with players all over the world. Tycoon is back! Fun Hospital is one of the greatest hospital games ever on mobile! Build and operate your own theme hospital now with friends and family! Like us: Email: [email protected] FB messenger: [email protected]
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Release:May 23, 2016
Updated:Sep 16, 2020
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