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  1. Do consider buying from another source other than EB Games Canada if you want to get The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition - PC/Mac. I placed an order that they now cancelled today saying info was incorrect. I called their call centre and they said all my info was correct.

    The confirmation mail does not say if it's X-Box or such so the third claim was I chose the wrong one, but their confirmation e-mails leave platform specific details out.

    This is my first time dealing with this company and it's kinda laughable that I passed buying from another well known company to place my order with them. That I now can't get.
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    Usually those Collectors Editions are getting sold out in less then a couple of Hours/Days and often some Online Stores still take the risk from time to time to simple overbook in hope they will still get shipped enough units at the end so the only reason I could think of why your order might have got canceled was probably that you had ordered it too late or that EB Games had simple ordered not enough Units to fullfill the demand and that that in the end they couldn`t guarantee anymore that you still would get one and therefor had to reversal your order.

    I know it suck. Trust me i felt the same Way when Amazon had cancel my Diablo III CE Edition Order because they had run out of stock even I had ordered it the same Week it showed up on the Store.

    So it doesn`t matter if it was EB Games or Amazon or a local Game Shop, something like that can always happen and in such a case there are on both sides only loser and no winner since you lost the trust in them and those Online Store most of the time are aware of that they might see you never ever again if things get as wrong as it already did.

    I currently still have my The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition Order up on Amazon but...

    [​IMG] I have already said since they screwed up already once on a CE I always count that it might happen again and since then I told myself that if I want a CE more then everything else I will order it at some other place too a second time and if it get`s shipped twice I will gift it to some of my Friends or my Brother.

    My only advise in your case would be to pick up the phone and call up some of your local Gaming Stores and try to still get it somewhere else even if you would have to come in and deposit some money just to be sure you get it if you really want it badly.

    A different Way would be that you just order the The Elder Scrolls® Online Digital Imperial Edition which would be more or less similar to the normal Edition without the Toy and therefor a little bit cheaper ( ).

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