Burger Queen TV Show

[Notice] Ending Game Service for Burger Queen TV Show -----------------------------

Smart Hangame is truly grat…
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[Notice] Ending Game Service for Burger Queen TV Show -----------------------------

Smart Hangame is truly grateful for the support and feedback you've provided us on our survival burger game "Burger Queen TV Show".

However, we are sorry to say that the game will end its current service on April 17, 2013.

[Schedule Details]

April 10, 2013 (Wed): End download service on App Store, T-store, and Google Play

April 17, 2013 (Wed): End game service for "Burger Queen TV Show"

[Services Available]
※ Possible to use purchased items before game is deleted.
※ Possible to play the game before game is deleted.

[Services Unavailable]
※ Unable to use stores within the game.
※ Unable to install or reinstall game from the market.

※Stores within the game will not be available for use after April 10th (Wed),

and items previously purchased can be used after service ends.

※ Also, please note that players who downloaded the game can continue gameplay

if players do not delete the game from their device even after service is over.

We promise to bring you more exciting and fun games in the near future,

and we will do our best to provide even better service.

Thank you very much.


★★ The Queen is back...Get ready to rumble on Burger Queen TV Show! ★★

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Welcome, to the one and only pattilicious TV survival game.

[Burger Serving Blasts]

Accomplish many training courses to be the winner in Burger Queen TV Show!
Compete against rivals to be the new burger champion!

15 different games that require you to make burgers, fill up sodas, fry french fries, and more!

[Feature Highlights]

- The Survival TV Show: Play in a thrilling show that eliminates contestants until only one survivor is left.
- 1 minute excitement: Taste 15 different games in 1 minute!
- Mini Games: Simple controls and quick-to-play fun that everyone can enjoy.
- Rankings: Compare your ranks and compete with friends to be the next burger champion.

[How to Play]

1) Normal Mode
In the stage/competition select screen, a box shaped stage button appears when you slide left/right.
Join normal/competition stage after clearing each stage in each episode.

2) Competition Mode
In competition mode, the goal scores/rival rankings are shown, and the game ends when the goal scores are accomplished.
2 survivors are left after 3 rounds, and the 2 contestants with the lowest ranking results are eliminated in this survival game.
Be the final winner and get 3 crowns in competition mode. Challenge yourself now!

3) Ranking Mode
Play in ranking mode by selecting the ranking mode squirrel on the bottom right of the start screen.
The levels/goal scores/time are shown when you start the game
and the level increases when you reach the goal score within the remaining time.
Also, get extra time as you play along.
Genre:Puzzle, Simulation
Release:Sep 26, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal