Bunny Love - An Endless Lover: Breed like rabbits!

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    Hi All,

    I wanted to share our new mobile game, "Bunny Love" by Computer Lunch! It's a charming level runner with cartoon animations and an interesting take on bunny mating habits. You might remember our last game Sidewalker Late to Work; this is a new game we're working on.


    Bunny world has been ravaged by Wolfgang and his gang of wolves. Only two bunnies survived. It’s their job to repopulate the world with bunnies using the power of love. However, Wolfgang is hot on their tails. Do you have what it takes to protect them on their journey to Carrotopia?

    The objective of the game is to make it to a rabbit hole (Bunny Base) near the end of each level while also creating Love Balls and making babies along the way. There are multiple obstacles in each level including gophers, foxes, trees, and the unshakeable Wolf Gang! We've also hidden a Golden Carrot near the end of each level (we're still working on it's use)

    Take a look at the gameplay trailer below!


    A large feature in this game is the Love Ball! Once in a Love Ball you can create more babies as well as roll over other animals, bringing them into your Love Ball Katamari-style.

    The controls are tilt based and the touch feature is used to charge jumps, lock on to your partner, and speed up the Love Ball.

    Bunny Love will be available on the iOS and Android platforms

    We're currently working on Level Design, New Characters and Gameplay mechanics and we're looking for playtesters for feedback! You can help us out by signing up here http://www.bunnylovegame.com/beta-testers/ or PM me.

    Andrew Garrahan Game Designer @ www.computerlunch.com


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