Bungee Monkey - A fun game for swingers

Bungee Monkey has stepped up his game! This monkey has completely reinvented himself as a hipper, cooler jungle swinger.…
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Bungee Monkey has stepped up his game! This monkey has completely reinvented himself as a hipper, cooler jungle swinger.


“It’s perfect for gamers of all ages…” – 148Apps.com

“… expected to become an instant phenomenon in the mobile gaming world.” – Neu Europe

“This is a highly addictive physics-based game” - Four Stars (****) – Famigo.com

“Fun filled, mysterious game with amazing graphics and awesome action.” – 123 App Reviews

“Definitely recommend it!” – Crazy Mike’s Apps


Stunning 3D-like artwork, smoother action and more playing options make Bungee Monkey 2 an outstanding mobile game. It’s a must-have game for you and your friends.

With more power-ups, more bonuses and more action than ever before, the new Bungee Monkey 2 app from CloverLeaf Mobile Apps is setting the mark for mobile gaming. Now you can fight back against the nasties with powerful shields, capes and moves that will carry you through this jungle adventure without fear. Attack the crazy bees, zap the annoying mosquitoes, explode the flying coconuts and destroy the evil bats and pterodactyls before they get you.

Collect coins in order to arm yourself against the enemies with overpowering new shields. Use the coins to purchase capes with extraordinary capabilities to fight off the foes of the jungle. There is even a new bungee line which provides Bungee Monkey with incredible swinging and launching abilities.

In this fast paced game to get through the jungle before the sunsets, Bungee Monkey has a brand new toy – Night Vision. With this tool he can keep on truckin’ even in the dark, racking up more goodies and coins to his total take. Now that’s fun!

It all adds up to one new exciting jungle adventure for Bungee Monkey.

What’s New in Bungee Monkey 2

NEW! Now collect coins to buy potent power-ups
NEW! Colorful cape power-ups with awesome abilities
NEW! Outrageous shield power-ups with intense force
NEW! Blue Bungee line to increase your launch potential
NEW! Original graphics with realistic 3D feel
NEW! User selectable background themes
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jun 15, 2012
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Compatibility:HD Universal