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    So I came up with this idea during a gamejam back in November, a simple one touch game about a guy who jumps over buildings. I spent the past few weeks working on it during my limited free time, and it's finally ready.

    To play you touch the screen (or click the mouse) to adjust your power and jump angle. When you release your guy will soar through the sky. If you land on the target, you move onto the next building. If you fail, you have to start over at the beginning.

    There is also an easy mode which lets you keep going after each failure.

    You can play the incredibly simple gamejam version here:

    Here is a youtube trailer:
  2. jonmulcahy

    jonmulcahy Well-Known Member

    we are getting nearer and nearer to finally submitting this for review. For a game mechanic that I put together in a few hours, it took a long time to polish up, but the holidays did not help.

    I spent a good part of last night reading up on the app video preview requirements for apple. They seem overly complicated for me. I'm using iMovie 10, which does not support 4:3 formats anymore, and yet they require a 4:3 format for iPad preview videos. They have an app preview share option, but it will only output an iPad formatted video if you import a screen recording from an iPad. So that won't work. It seems to me they made things overly complicated in the name of simplification.

    The preview video is very similar to the trailer I posted earlier, just shorter and with actual game music. I still have to make some screenshots, and let's be honest, how many different ways can I show someone that you jump over a building :). Finally I need to type up the description and figure out the bane of my development existence, keywords! So things are moving towards a submission this week. Then I can move back to working on my main focus Ten Years Left
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    iPad preview video has been made. What a pain that was. The video came out of iMovie in 1920x1080, with huge black bars on either side. I used MPEG Streamclip to drop the edges, which resulted in a 1440x1080 video. Finally I re-encoded it back down to 1200x900 for app store purposes.

    Trying to upload it now over a very shaky connection.
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    jonmulcahy Well-Known Member

    Last night i created the screenshots, typed up the description and put in some keywords. Today I am doing some final testing of the game, going over the keywords again and possibly submitting it if everything goes well.

    You will be able to jump over buildings very soon!
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    jonmulcahy Well-Known Member

    Building Jumper has been submitted!
  6. jonmulcahy

    jonmulcahy Well-Known Member

    Building Jumper has entered review!
  7. jonmulcahy

    jonmulcahy Well-Known Member

    1.0.4 was released the other day, it fixed an issue with GameCenter not reporting the correct scores

    1.0.5 was just submitted today, level 29 had a bug that spawned the building too close to actually jump over it.

    1.0.6 is in the works, it will have some sort of 'death' indicator so you can see how many times you have failed.

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