Bugs vs. Aliens now on Android

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    Jul 30, 2014
    Hello Touch Arcaders,

    After three months of exclusivity for iOS, we've just released the Android versions of Bugs vs. Aliens, a 3D-action runner, our first title.


    Bugs vs. Aliens is a casual 3D-action game where players control a swarm of bugs rising in revolt against alien invaders. It is adrenaline-fueled action spiced with physics-and-AI-powered swarming behaviour starring daring Bug Heroes with epic Leader Skills and stat-booster abilities. The game offers 50+ score levels, 29 achievements and 10 leaderboards, backed by a high-score-driven team system and ingenious boosters.

    Check out these verdicts from global gaming sites: http://www.bugsvsaliens.com/#press (desktop mode-only)

    Bugs vs. Aliens is available for FREE in all App Store territories, all Google Play countries and all Amazon marketplaces worldwide. Store links:

    After 150,000+ downloads on iOS, we are delighted to retain the all-time rating average at 4.26/5. Now seeking to scale up our player base and reach. The Google Play and Amazon Appstore version went live last Thursday. Let's see how it plays out...

    This is a make or break period for us, since we have very reduced funds and without a solid launch on Android, we are risking to put up the shutters - so to speak.

    Thus it would be cool to make some noise here and get as much feedback as possible.

    Thank you guys!

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