Buggies Menace

Buggies Menace unleashes a fresh and fun real-life inspired scenario to tackle boredom. It is set amidst a natural aura …
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Buggies Menace unleashes a fresh and fun real-life inspired scenario to tackle boredom. It is set amidst a natural aura of green lush, chirpy birds and smoothing breeze of a forest. Everything is so endearing about the forest except the interference of large variety of buggies which spoil the entire ambiance. There are the perplexing Pirate Buggies, the messy Rockstar Buggies, the provoking Hitman Buggies and the troublesome Turbo Buggies, the Demonic Dark Knight Buggies and the ultimate villainous Real Menace. The player has to shoot down these buggies tactfully using the fully-loaded Hybrid Cannon. There are several levels the player has to pass-by and with each level, various buggies are unlocked. Achievements and rewards are added on the completion of each level. Buggies Menace will give the player a fresh and enthralling experience of a Game of Caroms boxed in a natural and soothing aura of a forest. The Day and Night modes, symphonies of Nature and the other components of forest incorporated in the game makes it a more relishing experience. The game is a perfect solution for your boredom. Now Buckle your Boots & Embark on an Natural Adventure with the buggies. All the best!!!! How to play ========== *The buggies are injected individually at a constant pace initially. The rate of injecting the buggies increases as the game proceeds. *The player has to aim each bug and shoot them with the hybrid bullets loaded in the Cannon. The main aim is to shoot and kill. *Once a bug has entered, the Cannon has to be triggered within 10 seconds or else the player fails the level and has to start from the beginning. *The buggies can be targeted either directly by clicking on them or by bouncing the hybrid bullets to shoot them. More points are awarded in the latter case. *The player should ensure that the hybrid bullets should not fall on the Cannon, in which case the Cannon will be destroyed and the game will be over. *Achievements are awarded based on the quality of the strike by the player and the points are earned accordingly. *Once a level is lost, the player will have to start the game from the beginning.
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Oct 12, 2015
Updated:Jun 07, 2016
Size:53.5 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal