Buff Knight - RPG Runner

Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
◆◆ 2014 Korea Game Awards Indie Game Award ◆◆ ◆ #1 Paid Game in Korea ◆ ◆ #1 Paid RPG in Japan ◆ *** Play the EPIC re…
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◆◆ 2014 Korea Game Awards Indie Game Award ◆◆ ◆ #1 Paid Game in Korea ◆ ◆ #1 Paid RPG in Japan ◆ *** Play the EPIC retro RPG runner – Buff Knight! Developed by a 1 man studio, this pixel graphic game has stormed the top charts in Korea. Now it’s your turn! Slay the Dragon! Save the Princess! Buff Knight! [Reviews] 5/5 “Buff Knight is RPG Madness” - iPhoneAppsReview.com 5/5 ”A definite must have on your device” - User review 5/5 ”This game has completely taken over my life. I am utterly and hopelessly addicted” - User review [Story] You are Buff Knight, and you stop for nothing! The Red Vile Dragon & his minions has returned to the Kingdom of Buff to raid the Kingdom for artifacts… AND has captured the beautiful Princess. Your quest: buff up your character, slice enemies into bits with your sword, blast your spells and save the Princess! [Game Description] Buff Knight is a 2D Pixel RPG Runner where you’re constantly on the move. Kill the invading monsters with your sword or by timing your use of spells carefully! As you progress the game becomes more intense with stronger and uglier monsters! Collect artifacts and upgrade your items & attributes to become the most buff Knight the world has ever seen! Buff Knight is highly addictive so do give it a try and trust the hundreds of thousands of Koreans who helped Buff Knight claim the #1 spot! [Features] - AWESOME & EPIC 8 bit retro sound and pixel graphics! - 2 Different gameplay modes – story mode & endless mode! - 2 unique characters! Play as Buff Knight OR Buffy the Sorceress! - Simple and easy controls! BUFF! - Use your sword or spells to fight the evil! - Unique 2D Pixel RPG runner game concept – pick up from where you died! - Develop new strategies & builds – Want to be a Buff Knight or a Buff Mage? - BUFF up your attributes! - Collect over 20 ancient artifacts and BUFF your skills! - Plenty of Items with multiple levels of upgrades! - Awesome high score system – Are you the most buff Knight? Can you beat your friends? - And of course a pretty Princess who needs to be saved by YOU from The Red Vile Dragon! [Hall Of Fame – Buff Knight Legends] Story Mode Clearing Time Champion: Adam Davis, USA, 20 min & 53 seconds! Story Mode Fewest Death Champion: Alberto Cerrone ,Italy, 2 deaths! Story Mode Highest Kill Combo Champion: Leon Le Thanh, Germany, 80 kills! Highest Critical Hit Champion: Jonathan Vautrin, France, 8521 damage! Like us on Facebook to enter our Hall of Fame contests to become a Buff Knight Legend or to simply get the best tips & news about Buff Knight! www.facebook.com/buffknight BGM : SKIPMORE (http://www.skipmore.com/)
Seller:Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
Genre:Arcade, Role Playing
Release:Oct 08, 2014
Updated:Apr 29, 2015
Size:51.8 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal