iPad BubbleHead: 10 promo codes giveaway!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by CrowdCafé, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. CrowdCafé

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    Jan 19, 2009
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    For the first, we would like to thank all of you very much for your comments and for your participation on this thread.

    These members are getting promo codes in the next few hours by PM:


    Enjoy the BubbleHead!


    Hello TA fellas,

    we are running giveaway for BubbleHead with 10 promo codes to be send. To make it more interesting than just lay the codes out, we want you to post a comment into this thread - what do you think about BubbleHead after watching the video and screenshots?

    Both compliments and constructive criticism are welcomed. We will close the "contest" after 24 hours and the authors of the most interesting responses will get a promo code.

    iTunes Link:




  2. Igoo

    Igoo Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2008
    This is clearly not a game for dieters! That video just made me hungry enough to start planning dinner at 11am.
  3. GatorDeb

    GatorDeb Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2009
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    There comes a point where every game in the app store will be done. The trick is to make yours stand out. I like four things about this game -

    - The items surrounding the maze are interesting and varied, i.e. acorns and french fries.
    - Cartoons are always cute = win.
    - Items to collect are always fun and add to the challenge
    - Things are oversized

    It looks like an interesting game!
  4. Adr3naLine

    Adr3naLine Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2009
    Personally, I like the art style. I think hand-drawn environments make games so much cooler because you know a lot of time was put into it. It has a very arcade look to it which is awesome. It reminds me of a Space Ninja esque sort of set up which is great b/c I loved that game.Keep up the good work!
  5. rpb1975

    rpb1975 Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    IT Consultant
    The game looks interesting. It seems polished...but I can't tell exactly how the controls work. I like the look of it.
  6. rpb1975

    rpb1975 Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    IT Consultant
    By the way, the video is very well done! I wish more promo videos were that polished.
  7. le'deuche123

    le'deuche123 Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    looks kinda good, Maybe include porn star planet, and beer planet, in the next update.
  8. spmwinkel

    spmwinkel Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2008
    This looks really smooth. Bright and cheerful colors, and I like how the score is displayed briefly, this seems to be implemented well. Also from what I can see from the video, the controls are smooth. I generally like tilt controls combined with touch controls if it suits the game, and in this case everything seems implemented logically. So in any case the video (and screenshots) give the potential cutomer a positive view on the game. :)
  9. pante

    pante Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2009
    first of all thanks for not giving codes just like that (posting them in the thread), so the true touch arcade members can get a chance to win one.

    now about bubblehead.

    1) i don't know if this is music from the game but if yes - it's awesome. really. sometimes music is just too different than the game itself, and makes it unplayable.

    2) great idea to combine accelerometer and multi-touch. on the video it works really nice, wonder what would i say after checking it.

    3) graphics are interesting, something more than just cartoon. bubblehead look rocks. :D

    4) but i'm curious about the most important thing... game life, gameplay or whatever you want to call it. is it keeping you with the game long enough? do you want to play it over and over again? so you can try to beat your scores even after one month?

    that's all for now. one more time: thanks for giving us a chance.
    peace, man.
  10. Hyprhypr

    Hyprhypr Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2008
    promo code

    think the video is well shot, but am amazed with tge art abd illustration you guys put into thr game it looks quite intriguing as well as appealing to thr general audience
  11. Jacson-X

    Jacson-X Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2008
    Borneo Island
    I like the graphic look very cute & nice.
    Maybe can add some enemy to make the game more challenge
  12. ibelongintheforums

    ibelongintheforums Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Wow. This game is like mixing a smile with staplers. VERY random!!

    1). It looks very polished
    2). Did you actually make this game?
    3). The music sounds almost as ridiculously awesome as sarah palins hair.
    4). Great controls, finally someone is using multi-touch
    5). I love the idea of the different worlds, chuck norris WILL love the computer geek world
    6). The unlimited generated levels, GENIUS!! it will never get old (then john mccain at least)
    7). Great video!
    8). Are you planning any future updates and if so what are you going to include?
    9).Can you customize the little bubble heads?
    10). can you add two player? you could do the light bike version of two-player, split-screen, or over wifi.
    11). Maybe you can add more modes? (survival mode, chase down another buble head mode, run away from another bubble head mode, ect.)
    12) i love the cartoony graphics, really fits this game well

    Overall, the game looks awesome, almost as awesome as me. ;)
  13. PointOfLight

    PointOfLight Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2008
    Indiana, USA
    With the randomly generated levels I think there would be enough replay value. Just the fact that it's simple and challenging at the same time make it a potential winner. It also looks like the ideal type of game to pick up and play for a few minutes between things. As most others have mentioned, the graphics look really good. Clearly some time was spent in that department. The one thing that I think would be cool would be to have a "shadow" mode where in addition to just trying to get through the level, you have to outrun an evil bubblehead that's trailing you, or something to that effect. Probably doesn't seem like such a great idea when documented, but it sounded good in my head :rolleyes:
  14. yourofl10

    yourofl10 Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2008
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    Looks like a great game and cute, needs pizza, dubble chocolate cookies and this game will make me fater but thats fine!!!
  15. butters

    butters Well-Known Member

    Feb 4, 2009
    This thing looks really polished. I love the cartoony look to it. From what i've seen it looks something like a drug induced flight through cartoon land...

    Judging from the video, the gameplay looks pretty solid, but you'd have to get your hands on it first to really comment on that.
  16. KindredSpirit

    KindredSpirit Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2008
    inside my iTouch
    The think that shouts out at me the most are the cartoony graphics and addicting gameplay. Plus the music fits the video perfectly. Ill be checking this out. BTW, very well made video. It's kind of like a cross between rock n roll and papijump
  17. Donburns99

    Donburns99 Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2008
    ColdFusion Web Developer
    Rhode Island
    To me, the strongest point is all the different themes this game has, each planet seems to bring something entirely new and interesting. Each one nicely (hand) drawn and very polished. This is easily what I love most so far about Bubblehead.

    The control system seems natural and as I mentioned in the last thread, I love the comic book style working, such as ZAP!, when you hit an object. If that wasn't enough, with a random game mode, the replay value is very high. Who doesn't like randomly generated levels? Mix that with global leader boards and we now have the competitive factor on top of that.

    This clearly isn't one of those rushed titles that appear so commonly these days. The music is phenomenal and it's easy to tell a lot of love and hard work went into this game.
  18. akame

    akame Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2009
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    Thanks for making this giveaway more meaninging.

    Comments I have abt bubblehead:

    1. The sound of bubblehead does not really match up. Compare the sounds to Dizzy bee and you can feel the difference.

    2. Each time the bubblehead hits something, there ought to be bruises...You can make the bubblehead have a bruise knock like bump or something to make it even cuter... when you knock on something, you ought to have bruises..try to make it realistic and fun.

    3. There ought to be some competition or something like burnball on facebook to make more people play the game.

    4. Will there be mrs bubblehead in the game? It is near valentines day :D

    5. The bubblehead really look like a mosquito with the sharp edge.. Maybe make it look like a bubble? I can't see differentiate is the nose and the head. :(

    6. Multiplayer will be nice. Like split screens or network play so I can know more gals before valentines day.
    This game will attract a lot of cute gals.
  19. soccerstud652

    soccerstud652 Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2009
    It is a visually appealing game, with full use of the iPod accelerometer in a maze function.

    Looks like fun!
  20. Seien

    Seien Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2008
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    First off I love the graphics. I'm ALWAYS a sucker for cartoon style graphics, as they rarely look bad. I often pull out LoZ: Wind Waker and think "Man these graphics are still good." But this point, as well as many others great suggestions, have been already drilled into the ground. So far the only suggestions I have (or questions) is about adding:

    1) A global leaderboard. This never gets old to me, I LOVE trying to top other people's scores.

    2) User created levels. I'm not sure how hard it would be, but if you could allow users to create their own levels using their own backgrounds and selecting what other objects they want on their then I doubt any day would go by that I wouldn't be playing/making levels.

    Anyways, those are my two suggestions. Like everyone else, another thanks for having a purpose behind who you give away promo codes to.

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