Bubble Night - the creepy journey from darkness

Such a horror game!
You have died, and your soul was dropped down deep into the abyss, sinking in a mass of ghost in…
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Such a horror game!
You have died, and your soul was dropped down deep into the abyss, sinking in a mass of ghost in limbo. So thrilling!
Now, your darkness soul, contained in a fragile glowing bubble, from the gulf, must travel through a dark well to reach to the portal to reincarnation. A very difficult journey, dangerous and risky. You must guide the soul carefully in every step towards the top of the abyss. On the way to the light, there are too many danger obstacles: fern, centipede, spider, and even meteorite. Be wary of the unpredictable monsters creeping in the dark hole, they will try their best to prevent you from reaching your enlightenment.

Every touch on screen push your poor soul up toward the well. Will you reach your destination, to infinity and beyond ? Or your soul will be stuck in wrap of the ghost and monsters, and then burst like a fragile bubble ? Try it, try on the extreme creepy journey in which you are inextricable ?

Try the thrilling music, every tap, every musical note sound and ring, like voice of the ghost, like halloo of monster and devil. You would fall in fear and nervous. But that feeling is very cool and relaxing. Every journey is a brand new experience. And you could forgot all thing happening around.

A very thrilling feeling game with creepy music. Guaranteed to make your heart jumps and breathless when falling in darkness, horror wells filled with monsters and unpredictable thrilling moments. Remember this, if you have arachnophobia, chiroptophobia and ostionphobia, be very careful when playing this game. But if you don't fear, that would make your experiment to be more wonderful.

Tips: Wear a pair of headphones for better immersion
Warning: We hold no responsibilities for heart attacks
Last warning: Do not play in night, especially in Halloween night !
Genre:Adventure, Music
Release:Jan 29, 2016
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal