Bring Your Game To Life w/ Music That's Fun and Immersive. ( Composer Available )

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Hey, my name is Lavontae, a self-taught Indie composer and musician. I'd like to write music for your game.

    My Mission
    To me, it's more than just music to fill the silence in a game. Game music should be immersive and nostalgic. I want to make music that people will remember your game by.

    As indies, me and you both believe in creativity and fun. So don't settle for generic music. Hire me to tailor music for your project and let's create a great gaming experience together.

    I can compose a wide range of genres including but not limited to hiphop, 8-bit/chiptune, orchestral, jazz/blues, atmospheric, fantasy ambiance, dystopia ambiance and more

    Game Music Portfolio

    twitter @majestic8390


    “I was looking for a good music composer for an indie game that I am developing at the moment. Lavontae, after looking at the project came up with 7 excellent tracks in no time at all. Our mode of communication was only through e-mail and yet, he properly understood what I had in my mind.

    The results were excellent and I incorporated all the tracks in my game. If you want excellent music to be produced in no time at all, Lavontae is the person that you should pick. He has good communication skills, is creative and is able to produce totally different sounds that keep the overall experience fresh and lively.”

    Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative

    -Umair Khan

    “Lavontae is a great composer who takes your concept, and mixes his own ideas to produce a fantastic final product.”

    Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

    - Orlando Rodriguez

    “Lavontae created music for my independent video game. The music was created in a few days and was of reasonable quality. I recommend Lavontae for other independent developers.”

    Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

    - Jon Rafkind
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    Aug 6, 2012

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