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    Bridge The Gap 2

    Win a Copy via AppAdvice!

    out now in the app store!
    iTunes link
    Description:Return to Buccaneer Bay and set sail with everyone's favorite Pirate, Captain Sneer!
    Bridge the Gap 2 has a boat-load of Puzzling, Pirating Adventure for all ages!


    50 levels, across 5 beautifully designed islands! The Learning Curve Cove, GlupGop Bog, Dry Dirt Reef, The Haunted Seas and the Great Peninsula (and more coming soon!)
    9 different Pirates with funny voices and useful skills!
    In-game clock; if you play at night, it will be night on the islands,—if you play during the day, it will be day on the islands!
    10 Game Center achievements,—catch different bugs at different times of day!
    Unlockable hats and costumes!
    A fantastic soundtrack: each island has a unique theme!

    So what are you waiting for?! Raise the sails and start getting that gold!


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