Brand new escape game ‘The Cubes’

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    There’s a lot of typical escape games these days. You may have become bored with those typical games with similar game play and system. The goal for this particular game is escaping from the cubed rooms. What is the difference between this game and the others? Let’s figure it out.

    The rooms with similar appearances will make you confused and it might be difficult to escape. But when you use navigation and a compass, you can make it. You also require a sense of direction.

    A lot of theme rooms are waiting for you. Feel free to explore in the various theme rooms to find a bunch of clues around. It’s not that easy to find important clues in those small rooms. If you find all clues, you can make a nice escape.

    The most impressive feature of ‘The Cubes’ is the ‘Control room’. When you are here, you can move rooms wherever you want. You can make your own way to reach the goal point. But it’s also not that easy. Do you know why? Because the places you can move rooms to are limited. A good thing is there’s no limit on how many times you move the rooms. I wonder if you can make it.

    The unexpected puzzles and traps will take you back and you may cause you to end in failure to escape because of them. But don’t worry, you can beat them with your brain. Use your whole brain and solve it!

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