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    May 3, 2016
    «Brain Fights» is a new educational application, which develops effectively arithmetic skills, especially skills in mental arithmetic. The program is designed not only for the "mathematicians", but also for everyone, who has a desire positively to change his lifestyle in the foreseeable future! This happens because friendship with figures restores the order in the head and have a positive effect on the image in the eyes of others.

    The core of the project «Brain Fights» is to use simple for understanding algorithms during the mental arithmetic. The application consists of some teaching lessons (with an increasing complexity) and practical lessons, where you have to pass the tests. It means that the work is based on the principle of training simulator. You will easily learn how to subtract 7,8,9, to multiply by 4, and by 8, to multiply by 9, by 11 and by 25 and much more. You will do it quickly and in your mind.

    Key features of Brain Fights:

    - Effectively built training system;
    - A great amount of different techniques and tricks;
    - There is a motivation to train (the points let the next lessons be open);
    - Game Center — the users can compete with each other and share "challenges";
    - Convenience and simplicity in everyday use.

    With the application "Brain Fights" anyone can "pump" his own math skills of the brain. According to our statistics, 7 days of regular practice help to increase mental skills in math in 10 times! In addition, the numbers are a sort of a therapy for the development of the intellect, which has a positive effect at many, if not at all, aspects of a human life. «Brain Fights» is a really useful project, which is already today available for downloading at iPhone and iPad.


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