Fist Boxing Warriors World - fury of unstoppable fast punch 'em & swipe zen fighting

Think about the ancient warriors who protected kingdoms all over the world. Being brave and focused, they succeeded to w…
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Think about the ancient warriors who protected kingdoms all over the world. Being brave and focused, they succeeded to win every fight, leaving the opponents with nothing but defeat.

How many times you imagined that you are one of them? Do you wished to become a great warrior ever since childhood?

Boxing Warriors fulfils your desire!

Enter the game and defeat your opponents by using your mind. Use martial arts and punch them repeatedly, winning every street fight you’re involved in. Make your own strategy and gain coins, increasing your score and becoming one of the best warriors from our time!

You have to protect the streets and get rid of the bad guys by using the fist punch! Be fast, turn around, punch them before they hit you, be sure that you’re still alive.

There are too many opponents? Don’t worry, a lot of features are included in Boxing Warriors, giving you the opportunity to get more powerful and use your force! Use the super punch and hit your opponents faster, in a 360 degrees turn around!

You have also a list of characters you can choose from, playing the game according to your expectations. Do you want to be a boxing cat? Your desire is fulfilled with a simple tap on the screen. Superheroes, vikings, ninjas or penguins can be all warriors, defeating the danger and ensuring the world safety.

Boxing Warriors also give you the opportunity to play in different arenas, against various opponents. Increase your score and move to the next level, where other challenges are waiting for you! If you’re in difficulty, train harder and don’t give up, I’m sure you can beat the bad guys!

You can win the fierce fights also by avoiding the enemies counter punch. Everything depends on your strategy, you are the master who plans the next moves. You decide how the fist fighting is going to be.

Share the word and compete with your friends! Who will have the highest score? Discuss your strategies, learn new martial art techniques and see who will succeed to complete the game.

Become the legend of fist fighting in Boxing Warriors! Be fast, be flexible, be fearless and defeat the bad guys with a simple punch!
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Oct 03, 2015
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