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    delightful shooting! Thrilling moments coming from jumping and avoiding attacks!
    Fantastic run game of cute box characters with sketchy backgrounds!!
    It’s time to meet box rush!

    a casual running game ‘box rush’ with cute paper boxes running and shooting was launched on google play and ios app store on october 6th.

    A production company specializing in mobile games, polycube inc. Launched ‘box rush’ combining elements of shooting and run games with sketchy backgrounds and cute box characters, fueling an extreme interest from run game users.

    a greater emphasis is placed on the throwing weapon element
    while the existing run games have focused on the basic running and jumping elements, ‘box rush’ is armed with ‘weapon’ to overpower villains. Users can enjoy thrilling moments when they reinforce the level of the weapon to increase striking power and beat enemies and traps by using weapons with different characteristics.

    boss appears!! Stay on guard!!
    the level of tension is heightened with the appearance of bosses under the concept of the stage and the beauty of an arcade game is well demonstrated. Since every boss flaunts their fearful striking power and strength, the game can be over in an instant if you let your guards down.

    sentimental sound created by a famed band, 015b
    it is quite impressive that renowned singers who rarely participated in mobile game production in the past joined the box rush ost. The game sound created by jang hoil, leader of a band called 015b boasts a fantastic harmony with analogue graphics.

    Our national run game box rush which will sweep away the cold wave can be downloaded on on google play.






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