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Box Rush : A hero comes into the world

⊙ Cute petite box Peter’s chaotic and endless running game!

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Box Rush : A hero comes into the world

⊙ Cute petite box Peter’s chaotic and endless running game!

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“Let me tell you, Box Rush is the most perfect shooting run game.”

Paper Land embroiled in a crisis is desperately waiting for your help!
The village is engulfed by a deluge of fire under the spell of Dark Dragon and Bloody Road who ambushed and kidnapped Peter’s best friend Rea.
Peter, who witnessed the whole event, heads towards a place where a cruel villain, Bloody Road, lurks.

Cute petite box Peter’s chaotic and endless running game!

Game features

① The best mobile shooting & run game with sketchy backgrounds.
Users are able to taste an analogue sentiment from sketchy backgrounds.
Why don’t you soak in the atmosphere of fairytale backgrounds?

② Cute and distinctive paper box characters stimulate your desire to create your own collection
Are they paper dolls or game characters?
Once you lay your eyes on them, you will be left with no choice but to have them! Cute and adorable characters are waiting for you!
Can’t believe you own all available characters!

③ First step to a high mark; an unpredictable fever system!

Are you tired of repetitive and mundane fever systems?
A fever system with a wide variety of choices exists! If you acquire 3 fever boxes with the same shape in a row, a genuine pleasure starts!!
Now it’s time to eat only what you want!

④ Powerful weapon system
Enjoy thrilling moments by beating enemies and traps with the use of weapons of different characteristics. Through a reinforced stone obtained from getting rid of the bosses, your striking power can be significantly enhanced.

⑤ Mighty bosses show up!! Alert! Everyone!
The appearance of bosses from hell, which means you cannot let your guard down for a moment!
Concentrate on playing the game since they boast a fearful striking power and strength.

⑥ Sentimental sound created by a renowned band, 015B
Jang Hoil, leader of a famed band 015B participated in the star-stud OST production crew!!
The game sound boasts a fantastic harmony with analogue graphics.

Let's embark on an adventure with various and distinctive characters!

No more mundane running games!! Destroy everything that gets in your way!

3 kinds of fever modes!!! Super hero, submarine captain and astronaut

Explosive response!! Rave review!! The game that gets gamers from all around the world wildly excited!!

Rewards are guaranteed even on the first access.

"If you acquire 3 boxes of the same kind in a row, fever mode starts."

"With reinforced weapons, it will be easy to bring down enemies."

"If you upgrade characters, lasting effects of strength and items will improve."

"If you maintain the 3rd touch, the character will go downhill."

"Super Hero fever get marks by destroying flooding enemies and traps."

"Submarine fever can obtain more coins."

"The distance of UFO fever is two times that of other fevers."

"Reinforced stones required to toughen weapons can be acquired by defeating the boss."

"With the use of jewels, reinforcement will be successful 100%."

Let me tell you, Box Rush is the best running game. Ready to be mesmerized by Peter's charm?

This is still just the beginning – The endless fun will continue.

So what are you waiting for?

Download Box Rush now and begin challenging your friends!
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Jan 16, 2015
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal