Bounty Hunter

Can you catch the criminal and claim the bounty, to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter?

Blending old school gami…
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Can you catch the criminal and claim the bounty, to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter?

Blending old school gaming with hi-def but retro graphics, Bounty Hunter is an addictive, frantic, pick up and play game. With a stunning 8 bit weapon soundtrack to really kick home the nostalgia feeling. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a young gamer, Bounty Hunter will have something for you.

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10 word review: Very retro 80′s driving. Simple gameplay, fairly tough. Cool music.

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Bounty hunter is an 8bit graphic racing game that will drive you mad!! Don't expect to cash in on the bounty that easy. The job is no simple task!

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To put it simply, this game is [insert teenage 80's colloquialism for enjoyable]! The visuals are spot on, and the frame rate is almost too smooth. I found myself on the edge of a headache, watching everything zoom by so fluidly. I'd like to spotlight the music in this game. 8 Bit Weapon did a wonderful job on the soundtrack, and my only complaint is that I wish there was more of it.

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Bounty Hunter is a retro inspired arcade style racer / shooter survival game.

Collect cash pickups and bounty's for destroying criminal cars to allow you to unlock upgrades and purchase the faster vehicles! Use the unlocked vehicles to set higher chase and capture highscores.

Two online leaderboards allow you to compete with players across the globe!

Are you the best there is?


- GameCenter
- OpenFeint
- Facebook
- Universal app for iPhone / iPod Touch /iPad
- Two online leaderboards
- Achievements
- High-Res graphics for Retina equipped devices
- Pumping 8 Bit inspired soundtrack from 8 Bit Weapon!
- 80's inspired graphics
- 80's inspired audio
- 80's inspired gameplay
- Twitch gaming at its best!

***** How to play *****

The aim is to catch the criminal and claim the reward.
Before you are able to battle the criminal you need to avoid the traffic and catch up to him.

Collect cash along the way to help you upgrade your car and features.

Your highscore for the chase section is calculated from the distance you have travelled and how quick you did it.

Your highscore for the capture section is calculated from how quick you managed to defeat the boss cars.

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Genre:Action, Arcade, Kids, Racing
Release:Nov 18, 2010
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