Bounce ball light [GAME][6.0+]

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    Feb 17, 2019
    Do you have expierence or skills in jump balls game? This arcade game is free to play, fun and challenge! Now on your Android device! Bounce ball light is a nice amazing addictive simple app in which you tap on screen to keep ball bouncy to go far, get high score. It's popular with kids, adults alike. In this bouncy ball runner game you explore darkness, collect points with ball light. Jump ball, try to collect as many glow light as possible, go far, get high score. The more distance you cover the more points you will get. Find favorite glow light color and make it more glowing with help of other bonus light balls. Process of gaming is relaxing and calming. It is simple, but pretty addictive. Feel like you dive in magic dark world. So challenge yourself, jump ball fast, focus, compete with friends.
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