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    Jul 2, 2014
    Research /GamingSoon @AppAdvice.com
    Ghoulsoft, a small team from Sweden has been hard at work on their upcoming title Bottle Empire.

    Bottle Empire.JPG

    Bottle Empire is a board game about building and running an empire of breweries and casinos. More info can be found here.....
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    Sep 5, 2012
    The game may seem wonderful, Empire Bottle will be distributed for free, with internal purchases - prevents advertisement in the brewery and of course the limitation of the rolled dice is and depressing. Everything is perfect, stylish graphics and animation, stylized in the 20-ies of the playing area, the music of the 20-ies. Every time I want to go back to the game. Mechanics of brewing simple, really-a-kind mini game, choosing different ingredients to boil the beer, after which you can sell play casino simply you don't lose anything. During your visits in different cities, you will encounter money and obstacles as gangsters. You will grow stronger, to unlock more features, and to use more minions hiring them out to your group to guard their possessions.

    Source http://plusapp.ru/preview/169-bottle-empire-mir-gangsterov-1920-goda-bolshie-dengi-i-mnogo-piva.html

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