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    Bottle Empire is a board game about building and running an empire of breweries and casinos. Develop your character and make him stronger so you can deal with the mafia. Explore and take over towns by challenging the crime families who are in charge. Partner up with friends or visit the empires of other players online.

    Build an empire
    The mafia organization is your enemy and you have to withstand their attempts to prevent you from becoming the Kingpin of Bottles.

    Roll the dice
    During your visits in different towns, you will encounter treasures and obstacles. You will also grow stronger, unlock more abilities, and employ more henchmen to guard your properties.

    Play mini-games
    Play mini-games, visit online player profiles, or collect gold coins to upgrade your combat skills and buildings. You can add friends and make them partners to share and expand your empire.

    Sourse: http://plusapp.ru/announcements-of-games/150-nastolnaya-igra-bottle-empire-opasnyy-mir-gangsterov-i-bolshih-deneg.html

    Release date: March 1, 2015

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