iPad Bottle Conveyor released (iPhone/iPod Touch)

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    This game of logic allows you to develop your speed of response and accuracy. Control the bottle conveyor belt to produce colored soft drinks.

    You have three containers with colored soda. The conveyor belt moves the bottles towards these containers. Each bottle has a label with three colors - red, blue and yellow. When the bottle stops under the container of the appropriate color you need to pull the handle of the container to fill one quarter of the bottle.You do not have much time for reflection, so hurry - it's a game requiring quick reactions.

    Game features:

    * 18 addictive levels – the game contains classic levels and a couple of speed levels with very limited time to fill each bottle

    * The game remembers your score for each level

    * Level progress - you will see the total number of filled bottles and number of filled bottles for the current level

    * Attempts - for each level you will have a different number of lives. If you fill the bottle with the incorrect color, you will lose one life. If you lose all your lives – it is a failed level.

    * Up to 3 different colors on each bottle

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