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    BoomBar is a forward thinking application aim to record barcodes from various cards used in people's daily life and save them into different categories, so that users can use their cards by presenting the barcode from their iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch.

    BoomBar with the user permission, can backup all the saved barcodes to user's personal iCloud Drive, which means BoomBarÂ’s creators and a third party do not have access to any data uploaded by the users,which ensures users' information 100% private and secure.

    With the release of Apple Watch and the spread of iPhone and iPod touch, who still wants to carry a heavy wallet everywhere? BoomBar adopts advanced technology and concept, provides a user-friendly interface, easy to learn and use.

    With BoomBar, your smart lifestyle is only a few click away!!!

    Download Now :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Key Features :

    - No Ads
    - Backup your barcodes to your own iCloud Drive for your eyes only
    - No third-party backup of your barcode data
    - No tracking of your usage of products and barcodes
    - Supports iPhone , iPod touch and Apple Watch

    Download Now :):)

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