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EPIC PVP BATTLES Start battling online in fast-paced duels! Boom! is a 2D turn-based battle game with lovely retro graph…
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EPIC PVP BATTLES Start battling online in fast-paced duels! Boom! is a 2D turn-based battle game with lovely retro graphics, destructible environments and dozens of unique weapons. Become part of a community of thousands of players from across the world. ACTION AND STRATEGY Unleash powerful weapons to obliterate your surroundings and inflict maximum damage… Or strategically outwit your opponent in style. Explore an endless array of possibilities! Leap your way to victory, or teleport to the best firing location. Harness the laws of physics to your advantage with ricochets and gravity. Erect walls and platforms to fortify your position. Slip into invisibility or burrow a tunnel to catch your enemy off guard. Employ hearts and shields for a solid defense. Test your fortune with luck-driven weapons and relish in their unpredictable and amusing outcomes! 150+ DESTRUCTIBLE BATTLEFIELDS Cause massive explosions or reshape the terrain to your liking using Brick Potions of diverse shapes. Enjoy colorful environments - each meticulously handcrafted : plains, volcano, desert, forest, castles, city, sewer, snow mountain… All these await your exploration in this captivating pixelated world. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS Show off your skills with an arsenal of dozens of well-balanced and awesome weapons. - Common weapons: Bazooka, Laser Gun, Frag. Grenade, Duck, Poop (!?), Proximity Mine, Blue Shield, Fart Bean (!!?)… - Rare weapons: Double and Triple Bazooka, Bomb, Angry Duck, Chicken, Drill Rocket, Hammer, Magic Wand, Mirror Shield, Fart Pepper, Teleportation Ball… - Legendary weapons: Super Bazooka, Golden Hammer, Flying Bomb, Invisibility Shield, Flying Teleportation Ball… BATTLE IN 5 ARENAS Training > Noob > Pro > Master > God After a brief Training session to grasp the basics, you’ll dive headfirst into genuine combat. Each Arena has its own set of rules and battlefields, promising a fresh and exciting challenge every time you step into the fray. TOP THE LEADERBOARDS Fight your way to the top to prove you are the greatest fighter. Rank #1 for glory and for awesome rewards every day (Legendary weapons, coins, diamonds…) INCREASE YOUR LVL Reach LVL 100 and become the best player in the world! COLLECT 200+ FIGHTERS Want to be the coolest fighter? Play with a unicorn, a ninja, a superhero or a wizard! Try to unlock the amazing Legendary characters! PRIVATE ARENAS To create a Private Arena, just choose an Arena name and share it with your friends or your community. SEASONAL CHALLENGES Participate in epic Challenges with twisted rules and win awesome rewards. Lunar gravity, sudden death, special weapons… Everything is possible! MORE FEATURES - 100+ Emoji for in-game communication. - 50+ Achievements to unlock special fighters. Get the Dragon after 100 victories. Get the Red Knight when you reach LVL 20. Shoot 500 rockets to unlock Rocket-man… - Daily Rewards: a new gift every day! Special fighters, weapons, coins, diamonds, chests… EASY TO PLAY Straightforward controls made for mobile. Everyone can enjoy Boom! thanks to a well-designed interactive tutorial. FREE TO PLAY Boom! is FREE to download and play, with NO ADS. The Gun, Grenades and Cannon are UNLIMITED! There are optional purchases with real money and optional rewarded videos to get more coins, diamonds and weapons. SUPPORT Any questions or suggestions? Found a bug? Please send us an email: [email protected] Get more info about Boom! and discover the latest games made by 1Button Twitter: @1ButtonStudio Instagram: @1ButtonGames TikTok: @1ButtonGames Web: Boom! has been crafted with passion by Thomas, Jeremie and Alexandre during 18 months of hard work.
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Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Sep 19, 2022
Updated:May 08, 2024
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