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    The books are messed up, come help sorting them and claim your reward!

    In this charming puzzle game, use your flexible fingers to tap, turn, and
    combine books into order! Play in 3 challenging unique modes, push your
    eye-hand coordination to the edge!

    Game features:
    √ Simple yet addictive gameplay.
    √ Various books, pictures to be used in-game.
    √ Customizable walls, bookshelves, and hands.
    √ Supports Game Center and Achievements.

    Game modes:
    √ ClASSIC MODE - Arrange disordered books into right order
    as fast as possible in CLASSIC MODE, beat the high scores!

    √ PICTURE MODE - Instead of sorting numbers, books are
    combined into a pretty picture, ready for a change!

    √ CHALLENGE MODE - Test your true skills in CHALLENGE MODE,
    complete as many rounds as you can before time runs out!

    System requirements:
    Book Boom is compatible with 4rd generation iPod touch, iPhone
    3GS(and later) or iPad, and requires iOS 4.2 and later.

    If you enjoy Book Boom, please support us by good rating and
    suggestions for improvement!


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    Just picked this one up..surprised I missed it's release, was scrolling through recents list under the puzzle category.
    Will leave impressions when I get time to play it.
    Looks really bright and polished and gameplay sounds unique


    I adore this game. I had a feeling I would.
    It's an awesome feeling when you're scrolling through recents and come across a gorgeously made bright and colorful unique puzzler, it almost feels like serendipity lol.
    It's games like these the phrase "hidden gem" was made for.
    This is the definition of a hidden gem.
    Only 45 players on the leader boards!
    I'm so shocked that this game isn't getting much attention, I was skeptical at first, often if a game is any good, people would be talking about it, but the problem is people are so reluctant to spend a buck on something new these days when there's 1000 other games on their wish lists, which have plenty of reviews, etc.
    Because this game doesn't have much feedback, it makes people wary because other dodgey devs release absolute crap with fake screenshots, etc it's hard to know whose being genuine.
    (and again, makes it even harder when the dev has no previously released games.)
    This is spectacular for a first game, and it would be spectacular for a 20th game as well.
    The concept is simple, but it just works, alot of casual gamers don't like complicated rules and playing guides, this game is basically "pick up and play" .. And so cliche, but easy to play, but hard to master.
    As you keep playing you learn little tricks to complete the levels faster.
    It's a brilliant concept, yet almost so obvious, I'm surprised no one has thought of it before.
    The graphics are what drew ke into the game, colorful and fun looking books, but the gameplay is what got me to continue playing. It's brings out my OCD tendencies. I just played one hour and didn't want to stop.
    I strongly advise the dev to do some promos to help spread the word or this game may unfortunately go unnoticed, things like sending promocodes to review sites like toucharcade, gamezebo, 148apps,pocketgamer, touchgen, appspy, and etc. Save most the promo codes for review sites, but it could also help giving out a few promo codes in the promocodes thread, since they seem to get alot of attention over there, even if you just five away 5 and if things still don't start looking up, do a contest here, give away a $20 iTunes card for whoever gets the highest score on this game, etc anything to get people talking and playing the game! Making a great game is only 40% of progress, the other 60% of work comes after release with getting the name out there, PR is so important in the iOS world since casual gamers don't search for games, and if they cant find you, then your game needs to find THEM

    Game impressions:

    The gameplay basiclly revolves around rearranging books as quick as you can, by clicking 1 and putting it next to 2, then move 3 next to it, each time you have books in order they clump together, it's much faster just clumping any numbers in Order first then place them together in numerical order in big piles at once towards the end. It's that simple, but so fun.
    There's a certain amount of books per level, you start with 10 books, which are jumbled and some are turned upside down, you have to have them in numerical order in a certain timeframe. Taking to long with give you 0 stars, slow will give you 1 star, fast will give you 2 stars, very fast for 3 stars.
    Some people might just skip through the levels getting 0 stars, but it doesn't work like that, the first few levels are unlocked without star limit, but after a while you have to collect a certain amount of stars to unlock the next round, so don't be lazy! The star limits aren't very challenging though, when I hit the first star wall i only needed to collect an extra 2 stars, (and I was sloppily finishing with 1 star usually) so it isn't one of those games that make you bust your balls to proceed, but it won't let you proceed (after a certain point) if you half ass it with 0 stars each level.I liked the fact it made me go back and replay some levels to gain stars because each time you play, it's trains you to get faster and faster, which helps immensely in challenge mode.

    There are 3 gameplay modes:

    Classic is basically arranging encyclopedias in numerical order, you start off with 10 books, round 2 is 20 books, 3 is 30 books, and 4 is 40 books.
    They take a while to master. I played this mode first and could only 1 star them, after playing an hour I tried again and managed to 2 star them, 3 stars are still out of reach.

    Also in this mode there is a bookshop, each time you play a round you get awarded with coins, you use those coins to unlock extras at the bookshop, a big chunk of books are simply unlocked by getting a certain amount of stars, but many are also buyable with in game coins.
    The books are hilarious and witty, some of the books on the bookshelf include - my big fat cats Chinese wedding, Harry Peter and the amazing shaver, make love, not Warcraft, big ban theory,occupy waffle street,dork knight rises etc you get the picture, a humourous take on modern day books/movies.

    There's also the regular shop, for all modes, in which youncan purchase different wallpaper, shelves, and hands. I find this such a cute touch and can't wait to redesign the game to make it exactly how I want it ^_^ cat law hand, kawaii shelf, and pink wallpaper would be a nice look :). Also gives me an incentive to collect coins, otherwise coins are pretty much useless!

    Mode 2 : picture
    Instead of unjumbling numerical books, you unscramble cute pictures. There are many different catorgries here, all are unlocked from the beginning, there's a category for colorful cartoons, another for sanrio style kawaii animals, another for historical monuments, etc
    10 levels in each category, 5 categories, 50 levels total.
    It's really fun to unjumble the pictures , and you'll want to try to master them for challenge mode too

    Mode 3- challenge mode:
    This is basically an exam at school, it tests you by giving you a very short time limit 9 seconds you start with, you must unjumble the books before the timer runs out, if you succeed you get a bonus 6 seconds, and again with the next books, succeed and get another 6 seconds, you keep going as far as you can to make the world record. You compete against people's high score. It's very addictive and I'm determined to get past round 4 but it's bloody hard! Will have to go and find that particular book puzzle in picture mode and practise it, it gets me every time!

    There's also game centre, lots of achievements. It's a brilliant piece of work, for puzzle lovers and otherwise, it's a tiny bit logic, but mainly skill and speed. I'd put it under the arcade category if I had to choose one genre.
    It's 99c and universal. I think it's an absolute bargain!

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