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    Cracow's independent game studio introduces Booffland their second game available at the Google Play.
    Cracow, 12th September 2014
    Long, long time ago, in a universe far away lived little chubby creatures called Booffs. They lived in a beautiful and sweet planet called Booffland. Why sweet? Because there were plenty of wild strawberries everywhere, which Boofs adored. Who doesn’t?
    However, how it is usually in outer space troubles have come to their peaceful world. One day, Space Pirates attacked the sweet land and destroyed the planet with a meteor.
    All that is left of Booffland is hundreds of floating islands, broken bridges, floating plants and wild strawberries. The anger of Booffs was so tremendous that they decided to go on a quest to seek revenge on the every single one of the flying invaders.

    For a single dollar you get an arcade game:
    + without microtransactions and advertisements;
    + about which you may say that you have finished it;
    + with nice graphics and simple controls.

    Game features:
    • Challenging and addictive gameplay,
    • Lots of fun for everyone, from kids to grandparents,
    • 20 Levels and 2 Bosses,
    • Easy and intuitive controls.
    Pricing and availability
    The game is available worldwide as paid app on Google Play (Android) in category Games/Arcade & Action for $0.99.


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