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    Dec 15, 2014

    Hi there
    I'm Rami Ali
    I'd like to announce here my first indie game project for iOS (& cross-platform for later) which is in development -
    'Bonker Birds' - Would love to share an early alpha demo - many loose ends to tie and aspects to complete still but it's getting there, including art, interface and sound effects but the demo should show off mechanics at least.

    Concept, roughly: Take control of the odd anti-social bird in the flock , who decides to go his own independent way and to fly against the flock taking revenge on other birds in the process. Navigate and avoid incoming birds within the flock, poop on them to break up the flock. It's a score-based endless runner with dodge/shoot(poop) features and powerups.

    Would love to hear feedback, and take suggestions, keeping in mind it's incomplete of course. Keep in mind also recorded video is significantly less smooth than actual gameplay on iPhone/iPad devices etc.

    Keep your eyes out for this one




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