Body Symbol Free: Use your camera and body to make love symbols

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    Jun 21, 2011
    The ONLY Photography App enables you to use your body to show your love or hate by composing a meaningful symbol.
    It helps you create the tiled photo to compose symbols like heart, star or whatever very easily.
    The most creative and funny photography App ever.

    Have you seen the tiled photo that a man uses his arm to compose a heart symbol to show his love to his girl? Now it's time for you and it is much easier than ever.

    36 symbol templates (100 templates in full version) in version 1.2, including all 26 letters A-Z, digits and some lovely symbols.

    More is coming in the following versions. You are also invited to share your creative templates.

    You can save your artworks to camera roll. (In full version you can email to a friend, or share on Facebook and Twitter)

    It is definitely simple to make your tiled photo to compose the symbol:
    - Select your favorite symbol template
    - Select the tile and take a photo for it
    - The outline on the camera view makes it very easy to compose the symbol
    - When using front camera, you can use your voice to start the self-timer, which makes even easier when you do it yourself

    What's in free version:
    - Full functionality as the full version (incl. Voice Control)
    - Less templates
    - You can save the final photo to your phone then do whatever you want
    - You can not share the photo directly to Facebook, Twitter or via Email while full version can



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