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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Future777, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Hi Together,

    great to see the positive reactions on our upcoming game.
    You will see it was worth all the waiting time. Even though I work on the Bobby Carrot series and therefore "have" to play it hundrets of hours - I still can´t get enough of it.

    And to those who think it is childish - you will see the game is not half as childish as you expected, once you played it. I have seen people crying like babies when they got stuck in our 3-star difficulty worlds. :D

    Now that the project is complete I can safely say that we could achieve all milestones that we wanted to have in the game:

    - 15+ hours of playtime
    - 17 CD Quality Audio tracks
    - ~ 50 sound effects
    - 6 worlds: 2x1-star difficulty, 2x2-star difficulty, 2x3-star difficulty
    - 8 bonus purchase items (collect bonus coins to buy them in the game)
    e.g. Speed-Shoes to walk faster, additional background music tracks, etc.
    - TrueColor HD-Tileset Engine with realtime pixel-accurate zoom-out overview function.
    - Touch based controls, tilt-based menu-call function
    This means you have the whole screen for the beautiful 2D ingame graphics
    - The game has 45 MB size
    - The icon will have a cool look, so don´t worry to have a cute rabbit on your stylish "mature" homescreen ;)



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