Blue Hole by Majestic is Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by conaman, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. conaman

    conaman Well-Known Member

  2. arta

    arta Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2009
    Looks really polished. Can you tell us more details, like the content and price?
  3. harrison0415

    harrison0415 Well-Known Member

    Following is the message from the member of the game development team.

    The game has not been released, yet. The planned released date is September 20th.
    The game description is as followed:

    Intense non-stop action as you navigate your submarine to new depths to the bottom of the sea while dodging boulders, deadly fish and marine mines appearing in your path!

    As captain of your submarine you start out with a submarine with limited armor, speed, and braking capabilities. As you earn more points, you earn the right to new and more powerful, submarines with greater armor, speed, and braking capabilities.
    This action packed game will keep you playing for hours as you try to better your score. Be sure to always look out for the deadly fish attack to the right of your screen!

    Main Features
    • Navigate your submarine by tilting your phone to the left and right
    • Tap the screen repeatedly to brake and slow down your submarine for treacherous spots
    • Earn bonus scores by hitting bonus objects along your path. Earn extra point after collecting 10 bonus items. You can earn as many as 9 times the normal points by collecting the bonus items.
    • Open up more submarines for your use as you reach certain score thresholds
    • Scoring for health points, brake gauge, bonus counter, and total score displayed at the top of your screen
    • Three submarines available for play: NM-607, SP-270, and AR-46D. You start with NM-607 and earn the right to use SP-270 and AR-46D submarines
    • Full 3D graphic design and special effects
    • Realistic representation of ocean environment that continuously changes as you reach deeper into the bottom of the trench
    • New sea monsters appear as you go deeper into the ocean
    • Special items including the turbo booster and the shield
    • Clear over 30 missions to earn OpenFeint achievement rewards
  4. conaman

    conaman Well-Known Member

    The price is $2.99..
    but we will have a limited time sales to $1.99.
  5. harrison0415

    harrison0415 Well-Known Member

    Dear Arta,

    Please let us know if you have any other inquiries on Blue Hole. We will do our best to answer your questions. Thank you. ^^
  6. ipadlips

    ipadlips Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2010
    iOS Developer
    New Zeland
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    Hey guys, this game will be one of the most cool games out there for 2.99 thats pretty good for this game and the time you spent playing this baby will be worth, be sure to save ur 2.99 and get this asap when it hits the store on sep 20th.

    In this game you'll see, sea monsters (many of them against your submarine), special items, 3 type of subs, lot of entertainment, and many amazing effects around ur touch screen

    Keep the hands up, and i bet you will be amazed by getting this 3D Blue Hole game by Majestic.

    The best sea game so far.

    Rating: ***** 5 Starts :D
  7. arta

    arta Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2009
    Hopefully Toucharcade will feature this soon. I love the idea of an "upper downer" game that relies on hazards other than missing platforms or getting caught by a moving screen.
    1) Is it endless or are there different stages?

    2 Do the different submarines have different speeds for horizontal movement? There's some points where the sub practically zips sideways to avoid obstacles.

    3) How does your variety of enemies, hazards, power ups etc stack up compared to games like Mega Jump and Cliffed?

    4) Will it also be available for the iPad? All iDevices and firmware?

    5) If it sells, will there be future updates (like Mega Jump)?
  8. harrison0415

    harrison0415 Well-Known Member

    Dear Arta,

    I've sent a personal message to you. Please revert back to me after reading the message. Thank you.
  9. RttaM

    RttaM Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    No GameCenter support? That's unfortunate...
  10. conaman

    conaman Well-Known Member

    This game support the openfeint..
  11. harrison0415

    harrison0415 Well-Known Member

    Dear RttaM,

    We used Unity3D engine to develop Blue Hole. Unfortunately Unity 3D is yet to provide GameCenter support. We can only support OpenFeint at the moment, but we will certainly suport GameCenter in our future updates. Thank you for showing interest in Blue Hole.
  12. The graphics and animations look drop-dead gorgeous. Unfortunately it's paired with gameplay that seems to be to be pretty dull and simplistic, which I suppose would appeal to some people, but it just seems like the only depth to the game is the one you're plunging into. Kind of a pity such beautiful graphics aren't put to a game with more substance.
  13. conaman

    conaman Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for your concern.
  14. arta

    arta Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2009
    Sounds more like you don't like the casual genre this game is aiming at, rather than disliking the game itself on its own terms.

    For those that do like that genre, this game does seem to stand out from the Doodle Jump/ Cliffed clones, in both presentation and gameplay.
  15. rogerchiu

    rogerchiu Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    Assistant Manager
    Hong Kong
    Very beautiful graphics and it run very smooth in the trial. How is the performance in iPhone 3G and other "OLD" generate iDev?

    It seems very good for the doodle drop genre.

    Will it have a iPAD version?
  16. harrison0415

    harrison0415 Well-Known Member

    The following is the message from the development team.

    Dear Roger Chiu,

    The performance in iPhone 3G and iTouch 2G is surprisingly okay. I cannot say Blue Hole runs on it as smoothly as it does on iPhone 3GS or iTouch 3G. The game has been fully tested on iTouch 2G.

    Since the game is built on Unity 3D, iPad support does require much work. We would like to see how well it does on iTouch and iPhone before we decide to make iPad version.

    I hope I answerd your questions. Thank you very much.
  17. Therock500

    Therock500 Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    whats the release date al with ipod touch 4g be supported.
  18. Well, no, it's not that I dislike casual games -- actually I find I tend to gravitate to them to a certain degree, as these days I find I have less time for highly involved games and open up quick bite-sized games more often. (Though I still love more substantial titles when I have a bit of time to spend on them.) I think it's more to do with the substance itself. Like Canabalt, which is a stylish and well-designed game, there nevertheless just isn't much to do. Your character runs, you tap to jump. And that's it.

    I know these games have their audiences, and I might be sounding a little harsh, but while I have no trouble generally giving these games a pass when it's the usual assortment of hand-drawn or doodle-style graphics or whatever, when I end up seeing something like this which clearly has an exceptionally competent design team behind it, I can't help but feel that such talent is wasted on a game with relatively little substance; put that kind of graphical muscle behind something with depth, character and longevity and I'd be all over it. (Yeah, I'm kind of a whore for eye candy. :D)
  19. harrison0415

    harrison0415 Well-Known Member

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    Following message is from the development team of Blue Hole.

    Dear Mindfield,

    We are really glad that you like the graphic works. When we were developing this game, we thought of creating an underwater racing game. We thought that adding the 3D graphic works along with 3D particle effects would create a perferct environment for underwater racing genre - if such genre actually existed. The game itself offers alot more than what doodle style action games provide. Also, 3D graphic work gives alot more freedom when brining game designer's idea into reality.

    As far as the substance of the game goes, we feel competent that Blue Hole provides plenty of actions, monsters, items, and challenges for the players whom enjoy the gaming experience offered by action or arcade genre games.

    I guess every gamer has different set of preferences. Everyone at Blue Hole development team appreciates your comment and we hope you continue to have interest in our games. Thank you.
  20. conaman

    conaman Well-Known Member

    I've checked frames per second in iPod Touch 2G. It's 40 frames per second.

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