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    BLUE GROOVE RACER is a racing game set to music. Once installed on a device, the game will be able to detect any music already loaded on the device. When a song is selected from the user's library, the BLUE GROOVE RACER app then analyzes the song for notes, texture and tempo -- and customizes a one-of-a-kind race track for that specific song. Once the race begins, players race down the futuristic race track collecting notes while listening to the music. Game-players can compete against their own scores, use social media connections to compete against other gamers -- and enjoy the exciting twists and turns of this attention-grabbing game.

    Working with RENT A LABEL, the game will also have several slots to feature new tracks from emerging artists. Each featured song 'slot' will allow users to download a free mp3 of the song, which will be synced to their iTUNES library. The artist, song and any EP or album that the song comes from will be clearly identified. Most importantly, it will also include a direct link to jump to the iTUNES store and purchase music from that act.

    RENT A LABEL is working with SNAKEHEAD SOFTWARE to screen and set up the "featured new music" slots.

    "It's really exciting to live in 'The Live Music Capital of the World' and have the opportunity to help so many talented musicians share their awesome music with new audiences in a fun way. I'm equally excited to work with an industry veteran such as BARRY who shares our vision."... GERALD BAILEY, SNAKEHEAD SOFTWARE

    "Music is being discovered in a lot of new ways these days. It's an honor to be working with a company that has the vision to make that process of discovery fun for listeners, as that will also make it a more compelling process, one they will return to again and again."... BARRY LYONS, RENT A LABEL

    A Few Featured Artists

    Some of first featured artists will include bands such as:

    Sugar Red Drive
    Saving Abel
    Black Oxygen
    Danielle Ate the Sandwich
    Gone for Days
    Alexander Cardinale

    More information is available here and here.

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