Blue Defense: Second Wave!

Cat in a Box Games
"Entirely unique, without peer on the app store!" - NoDpad "Original, intense, addictive, and most of all, fun!" - 148ap…
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"Entirely unique, without peer on the app store!" - NoDpad "Original, intense, addictive, and most of all, fun!" - 148apps Intense planetary defense arcade action! The Blue planet is in peril - take the fight into your own hands, and blast the evil Red and Green enemies out of the sky with the all-new planet cannon! Blue Defense: Second Wave builds on the legendary pick-up-and-play gameplay of the original 2008 hit, hailed as an "App Store classic" by many. With game modes ranging from just seconds to several hours, you won't be able to put it down!* 6.8 billion lives hang in the balance... how long can you keep them alive? "A game that's not to be missed." - TouchArcade "A brilliantly executed game... Replay value is outstanding!" - AppSmile Features: - The planet cannon lets you take out hundreds of enemies at once! - All-new Gauntlet mode lets you win the game!** - Infinite-Classic and Infinite-Quickstart modes - last as long as you can! - Level select mode - practice a level, and earn medals for your skills! - 74 mode-based global leaderboards! - Automatic save state - continue your game, even without iOS 4! - Updated retro art style - iPhone 4 Retina resolution graphics - Runs smooth and fast even on the oldest devices Content: - Red and Green enemies! - 24 enemy types! - 64 all-new levels! - Over 200 medals to obtain! Controls: - Both multitouch and tilt controls available, both can be used simultaneously - Tilt controls: bullets shoot up, unless there's no gravity where you are - Multi-target locking: double-tap the screen where you want to continue shooting - Planet cannon: tap and drag from the planet to aim, release to fire - Double-tap the planet to pause * Seriously, there's a guy who told me he'd play it quietly in his pew waiting for church to start! ** It's the only game mode where you can have more than 0 lives at the end...
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Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 30, 2010
Updated:Feb 26, 2016
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