Blossom Tales (Zelda-like) coming This Winter

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by Future777, Aug 6, 2015.

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    I got the game on steam and even though I don’t play much games on pc it was a lot of fun. Too bad about iOS but I’m glad you’re still reaching mobile gamers with the Switch
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    Thanks a lot, Dreadnok! iOS is still a great platform for free games and we'll keep delivering unique and fun experiences. Just need to be very careful with investments when it's about making a paid game for iOS / Android in 2017.
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    now we have an answer, you must know that i am your big supporter since the beginning of mobile gaming golden age. quite surprising to me that you guys are avoiding mobile gaming and moving to switch(which still a mobile and i own it too :p). but since we have a proper answer, i think everything is clear now. anyway this is not my type of game but im still going to support you guys on your future release. best luck FDG :)
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    Thanks for your understanding and support, redribbon!
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    This game is good for those that like premiums Oceanhorn was a 10$ game at start and sold well to the point of There making a Ocean Horn 2 we got Portal Knights and other PC games ported to iOS and selling well, people would buy this games, Blossom Tales looks fun even my mom said she would of bought that on iOS for 10$. There are people that prefer premiums over freemiums.
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    The problem is iOS needs more games like this and less “unique” experiences. Everyone is trying so hard to be “innovative” when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a fun game played in a classic style with a nice story. Innovation is great, but sometimes they’re trying too hard. Games like blossom tales, and oceanhorn can do very well here. Switch doesn’t need to get all the good stuff. Everyone has a mobile device and not everyone has a switch. The bigger issue here is mobile gamers need to get their heads out of their A**es and realize just because it’s on mobile doesn’t mean it HAS to be under 10 bucks. Mobile has a hardcore gamer base and this way of thinking mobile games have to be cheaper then say a switch VC release is really ruining it for everyone, even developers. We should be competing with Nintendo not watch them decide to go mobile with their console and just completely take over. I mean, all they did was develop a glorified tablet, stick some cool controllers on it, slapped Nintendo on the front and bam! A mobile device people don’t mind paying full price for games. It’s the same dang thing! Albeit a little more powerful in hardware, but still. You get what I’m saying. Ok enough ranting.
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    I hope that the developer will launch it on mobile, like Dandara, at the same price as on other platforms.

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