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    Youtube Gameplay Video: Blop! The Escape From Earth Preview Video
    On iTunes NOW! - [URL="!-the-escape-from-earth/id551117370?l=da&mt=8]Blop! The Escape From Earth[/URL]​

    Blop is a curious creature in a bad situation. In the middle of his galaxy safari, he went out of fuel. Having no other choice, he crashes on Earth.

    Help Blop get off the planet Earth, by collecting sheep to fuel his vessel. Avoid baddies, and even score more points by defeating some of the baddies.

    Blop is an action arcade game, with inspirations deep in the roots of the old arcade games. With this in mind, you should also be aware, that the game might seem unfair, or even undefeatable at the higher difficulties. This is all part of the design. It is supposed to be hard.

    Game features:
    * Oldschool Arcade fun with a slight twist.
    * Merciless Arcade gameplay.
    * Easy to pick up controls:
    One finger touch to control Blop;
    Tap the screen to shoot a bubble, or slide your finger along the water to move Blop.
    Tilt the device to move Blop's vessel and catch sheep.
    * Vibrant crisp handdrawn retina graphics.
    * 48 levels over 3 difficulties.
    * 4 different locations with different baddies.
    * Rewarding endboss for each difficulty.
    * Personal highscore system.

    $0.99 on the appstore - free future updates.

    For bugreport and/or suggestions please write us on our facebook page:
    We would love to hear from you.



    Please reply to this thread which code you used.
    Also be aware, that our game is NOT easy. It takes a bit of coordination and fast thinking. I will mention a few tips in the end to help you out getting started. If you wanna discover the game yourself, don't look at the spoiler at the end.

    Thank you for your interest, and we hope you will have fun with our game.


    1. TAKEN
    2. TAKEN
    3. TAKEN
    4. TAKEN
    5. TAKEN


    Pro tips for starters:
    Each level is timed. Fill the UFOs fuel-meter before time runs out.

    Birds pop your bubbles. But birds pop all bubbles, not only the good ones. For example, if you should happen to catch bad things with your bubbles, they can be popped by birds. You will be able to remove some baddies with a coordinated bubble and a bird of any sort.
    Also, green birds can be captured in a bubble aswell. Shoot 5 bubbles at a bird, and it's captured. Catching it with your UFO will gain you +50 bonus points. So if you catch many birds, your score will increase allot.

    At night
    Every second level it turns night. At night the Zombie Sheep comes out to play. Zombie Sheeps are bad for Blop's vessel. Do not grab Zombie Sheep with the UFO, since that will decrease the UFOs fuel-meter, and make it harder to fill the meter before the time runs out.
    With some well coordinated bubbles, you can shoot Zombie Sheeps into birds flying by. Doing so will gain you +50 bonus points.

    Timer Bot and bombs
    Now and then a little bot will appear. This guy aims and shoots a couple of bombs at you. If you get hit by a bomb, you will loose one of three lives. When you loose your third life, the game will end.
    Protip here is, keep your bubbles calm when the Bot enters. Catching a bomb in a bubble, and catching it with your UFO will drain allot of fuel from the meter. You don't want that. So stay clear of bombs, and if you should catch one, either pray that a bird will burst it, or just steer away from it when it is approaching your UFO.

    Firebirds can't be catched by your bubbles. Firebirds are super annoying. They not only pops your bubbles, they also pop sparks, which when landing on the ground turns into a momentary fire. Standing in the fire for too long will kill Blop.
    Fire has another purpose too though. If sheep run through the fire, they will ofcourse catch fire too, but on the initial hit with the fire on the ground, the sheep will jump higher than normal, which in some cases helps catch them and transport them to your UFO easier. This can be very benificial, if well coordinated.

    Coconuts and Mad Farmers Robot Droids
    In some levels there will be coconuts falling from palm trees. These won't kill you, but instead they will stun you for a couple of seconds, making you unable to move. Avoid being hit by those, especially with a firebird or a Timer Bot doing it's rounds. Being stunned makes you an easy target forthem.
    Robot Droids basically does the same thing, they stun you. The difference with the Robot Droids is that they move like sheep, and isn't as easy avoidable as coconuts.

    For general gameplay we would advice to coordinate what you do with Blop as the first thing priority. When you get a bubbled sheep near the top where the UFO is located, you should switch your focus to manouvering the UFO to grab the bubbled sheep. In the first couple of levels it will be easy for most to handle. In level 9 the difficulty takes a bit of a turn though, and only gets harder and harder. Some might find it easy enough, and that's why we added more difficulties for the really hardcore players out there.
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    May 17, 2010
    Thank you for TWFEXRRNR7K3 :)
  3. mrbiggles

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    Jul 3, 2012
    Like retired
    missed it.... codes all used!
  4. Wow, I was kinda hoping people atleast would post with the code they used.

    Ok, I will give away 5 more codes to the first 5 people sending me a PM with an answer to the following question: In which arcade-game from 1986 could you take control of a green and a blue dragon? This should be really simple :)
  5. mrbiggles

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    Jul 3, 2012
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    thanks for the code... EHHMJFAPLFLL looks fun!
  6. No problem my good man, I hope you will enjoy it :)

    4 codes left to "win". I'll be back tommorow morning. The first 4 with a correct answer will get a code.
  7. Eoghann

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    May 29, 2012
    IT Guy/Graphic Designer/Gamer
    New York
    Saw the gameplay video, looks fun! And funny. Shame I missed the code giveaway. Will try my luck via PM with the answer to your question! :)
  8. AnarKitty

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    Probably much too late by now, but I did PM you with an answer. :) :p
  9. nerdherd

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    Feb 11, 2012
    Have PM'd my answer.
  10. It's not too late. Still have 3 codes left for the previous question :)
  11. nerdherd

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    Feb 11, 2012
    Have sent my anwser again!Thanks:p
  12. Bartow

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    Apr 14, 2012
    PM sent,thanks
  13. One code left :)
  14. Eoghann

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    May 29, 2012
    IT Guy/Graphic Designer/Gamer
    New York
    Loving the game! Sure is tricky though! xD

    Really liking the graphics.

    I dunno if it's just my impression, but it seems to me the green parrots appear the split second I encase a sheep in a bubble. Like I can let the sheep get to the middle of the screen, no parrots. Soon as I enclose a sheep in a bubble, bam! Three parrots zoom by pop the bubble. xD

    I think the birds should be more randomized. Seems a teensy bit unfair like that. Took me forever to get past level one. And that was on the Normal setting! :eek:

    Maybe the birds at more randomized intervals, or the bubbles rise faster. Something to balance it out.

    I didn't count exactly how many times, but I think I fired bubbles at the green parrots like 5 times to get the bubble to latch onto them. Is that normal?

    Other than that and a few spelling mistakes in the intro, it's a fun game. :)
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    The birds spawn totally random. It is correct, that hitting a bird 5 times with a bubble will capture them in a bubble aswell, so the trick is, to "remove" the birds to clear the path for the sheeps you bubbled up :)

    Glad you like the game so far. We're currently looking into making it a bit more balanced, plus we're working on a free version, which will contain the first 4 levels. An update will be out as soon as we tuned a few things in the game, so stay tuned for that.

    Also, if we get enough supporters, we will implement Game Center, and build more levels, which will appear in a free update. I can't give you an exact date for when this will happen, but we have this in the works.

    Thank you for your feedback, it means allot to us.

    Also, all promocodes are given away for now. We might put another "contest" up in the near future.

    Best regards
    Daniel - Bitsquids Soft Devs
  16. indianspice

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Can I have one
  17. Yes, you can ;)
    Got a few more codes I wanna give away, send me a PM if you're interested.
  18. Here's some more codes for you guys, please leave a reply with which code you grab, so others don't have to hurdle through useless codes. Thank you.

  19. Blop! has gone free. Our developer account will end on february the 20th, so it can be grabbed till then. We will probably be back with some other games somewhen, and make it less complicated to play.

    Untill then, thanks for the interest. Was fun making our first complete game.

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