Universal Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (by ArtPlay & NetEase Games)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by metalcasket, Dec 3, 2020.

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    I don't know where I implied that. I'm just saying that calling the controls flat-out bad (and this port mediocre) is doing a great disservice to what is otherwise a great platform to play this great game on, especially when it's backed by IGA himself and with NetEase taking a chance publishing it as an entirely premium experience.
  2. Let’s chill, guys. If you dont like the port, just put it back and wait for future updates. But if it’s already good enough for now, just enjoy it then.
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    Exactly. Some people will be fine with the controls some won’t. But I wouldn’t start saying it’s unplayable though
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    For those on the fence, here's Shaun's review. :)
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    After Shaun's review, finally bit the bullet and bought it.

    Honestly, it's pretty solid. I was expecting much worse after reading the forum here. I have a few tiny tweaks I'd like to make - like, I'd love if you could swipe from the jump button to the attack button to transition from jumping to attacking, like some touchscreen control schemes do. Would help make jump attacks easier. Use of the word "preservation" when saving your game is unusual, but certainly doesn't affect gameplay, and I haven't noticed any other language issues.

    Really enjoying my playthrough so far, using entirely touch controls.
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    Peronsally, I think the fuss about controls was WAAAAY overblown. Sure, its not as crisp and responsive as say, Dead Cells, but it is still very much playable, and enjoyable without a controller. To a degree, i think mobile gamers can be some of the pickiest bunch around. Luckily, Shaun put out and amazing review of the game which should hopefully serve to counter some of the negative opinions expressed here in the forums that may have scared some buyers away. Id LOVE to see more premium titles making an appearance.
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    I personally think that there are too many shots been fired to those who doesn't satisfied with the experience, which is sad imho. This is a forum where everyone can share their own thoughts, and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I know nobody said otherwise -please don't get me wrong-, but as I said I personally felt like too many shots being fired.

    We all want more premium experiences in mobile, and I believe we all support that idea by simply buying this or any other premium game. Damn, even this discussion is a proof for how we crave for those experiences. But, we also have some expectations. I personally saw many ports of many games throughout the years of my iOS gaming experience, many great UX or UI solutions to the complex controlling schemes. What we have here to me is a modern game which we can't even change or modify its virtual buttons, coming from a big company. For such product, I'd personally call it lazy, period. Believe me, I want this game to work "as expected" so much, but it just doesn't for me or people who think like me. And that should be okay too.

    Apologies again if the long post disturbes anyone by any means, but had to get this out of my chest. I hope everyone enjoys their experience, and I'm looking forward to enjoy it as well.
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    I know where you're coming from, and I would certainly hate if you felt your opinion was being overshadowed by those of us who feel otherwise, but the sheer weight of a single 'negative' post has so much more influence than a hundred positive posts online. No one's straight up said the controls (or the port itself) are perfect and I think the majority of us are just taking issue with (as others have said) how overblown the response to the controls have been. While 3000 views in this thread is nothing in hindsight, let's just say that each of those views was by a potential customer. It just makes me wonder how many of those folks have turned away from purchasing this.
  9. Although all of us tried to be as civilized as possible when expressing thoughts, I still feel the same as @bx59. I dont know about technical difficulties that the dev had to face, but the port didn’t live up to my expectations. I by no means suggest the game is totally unplayable. But in my book it’s still mediocre. I dont know, but I see some small publishers handle their ports much better. The game like Northgard looks really complex, but I still believe Playdious will be able to nail it (or just wait and see).
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    Never mind the controls, i’d just be happy if it didn’t take 15 minutes to move from room to room:( I honestly didn’t expect it to run so slowly/glitchy on an iPad mini 4 ...yet another SOTN comparison: that one runs like a dream on my iPad
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    The fact that a current gen game is even running at all on 5 year old hardware is incredible, and haha, by comparison a 23 year old game running on 5 year old hardware should be no surprise.
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    Game age doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with game specs? I’m not gonna buy another new iPad every 3-4 years I know some people do and good for them it’s only one year behind the current iPad mini and every other huge game I can think of runs pretty darn good on it
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    I think you are right (about other games running well and being upset that Bloodstained doesn’t), but keep in mind that this game is (in)famous for being poorly optimized, so the performance shouldn’t be surprising. The original struggled on Switch and even after many updates it still runs just okay. Not saying buyer beware, but it shouldn’t come as shock, you know.

    Metalwastebasket is right about SoN, though. Heck, it runs great on my PSP Go, and that’s 16 year old hardware.
  14. Repulsa

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    I honestly didn’t know all this regarding how unstable the switch version was on release I actually didn’t know much about it at all other then it was heavily inspired by Castlevania guess I should have done my homework :p
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    NCC 1701
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    It’s nothing. My mistake
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    I'm not the strongest touch-screen player, but I've come a long way in the past few years. I'm finding that I usually have to switch to a controller when I get to boss fights - it's just too frustrating otherwise. Normal castle roaming is fine for me with the touch-screen controls.

    Does anyone have an issue with the shortcuts control? I can't choose my first shortcut with the on-screen icon. If using a controller, I assume that you would use the L2 button / left stick combo to access the shortcuts menu, but hitting the L2 button causes the game to freeze on me (using both a Nimbus and a PS4 controller)
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    Looks like the update is out for Android...

    ::keeps refreshing the App Store::

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