BloodRunner is an incredibly-fun, vampire-themed, free-scrolling platformer that offers countless hours of heart-racing,…
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BloodRunner is an incredibly-fun, vampire-themed, free-scrolling platformer that offers countless hours of heart-racing, adrenalin-pumping action across 60 beautifully designed levels.

Once you sink your teeth into the world of BloodRunner, you'll never want the fun to end. Its intuitive controls, action-packed levels and stunning graphics make it one of this year's must-have, must-finish iPhone titles.

*** REVIEWS ***
"The graphics look amazing, and for iPhone 4 owners, you'll be happy to know that these graphics are Retina display ready." - App Advice Review - Christine Chan

"To add to the bite-sized, addictive nature of BloodRunner, the app supports OpenFeint. There are about 30 achievements to be had, plus leaderboards to track your score against others all over the world." - Appolicious - Phil Hornshaw


As BloodRunner, you play as a charming, fun-loving little vampire without a care in the world... except, of course, you only have 10 seconds to live. Which means, every day you have to run for your life!

To quench your eternal thirst for the yummy drops of blood scattered throughout the dungeons and castle corridors, your quest is to run, jump and fly your way past hidden threats as fast as your tiny batwings can carry you. With certain death lurking around every corner, you'll have to avoid shooting stakes, holy water, spike traps, pop-up spikes and the fatal touch of the sun's searing rays in order to collect more and more life-giving droplets while you search for the safety of your coffin.

BloodRunner's dynamic level selection allows you to start playing at level 1, 11, 21, 31, or even 41 straight away - so you can see what lies ahead. Within every ten levels, the first three will always be unlocked so you can skip past one level and return to finish it later.

With BloodRunner you'll enjoy countless hours of fast-paced action as you race to beat your high score on the Open Feint enabled leaderboards. Challenge your friends to beat your score, or pursue the glory of being the fastest BloodRunner in the world. Go on and claim that title!

BloodRunner's haunting, yet beautiful, visuals are optimized to show off the splendor of the latest HD Retina Display to its full potential. That's great news for all new iPod touch and iPhone 4 players.

Seeing as vampires live forever, we have big plans to keep the fun alive with batloads of obstacles, enemies, abilities, more challenging levels.
Get hooked on BloodRunner now - It's the most fun you'll have on your phone in this lifetime.

- Fun-loving, vampire character
- Stunning visuals (with HD support)
- 60 Heart-racing levels of increasing difficulty
- Accurate and responsive tilt and tap controls
- Dynamic level selection (3 out of every set of 10 levels are always unlocked)
- 30 OpenFeint Achievements to unlock
- OpenFeint enabled High Score Ranking (local and global)

Watch the BloodRunner gameplay trailer now at You'll also find secret hints & tips, PDF downloads of all the level maps, FAQ's and general support, so be sure to visit the world of BloodRunner soon.

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