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    Feb 26, 2009
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    I just saw this on the Slide to Play site. You should go check it out there.

    But if you're too lazy, I'll just spell it out for you.

    Blocks2 is a game based on the same 2x2 dropping formula that Lumines is.
    You are tasked with dropping 2x2 blocks of 2 different colors to make 2x2 squares of one color. The only interesting thing about it is that there are a few twists on the old formula. Chameleon blocks, bomb blocks and countdown blocks. Also, the traditional beat line of Lumines has been replaced with a bar that fills as you play, and when it is full, it erases your solid blocks. It also has a mission based play system where you are to get a certain number of points or squares made, or certain shapes, like Lumines's puzzle mode.

    I found Tatomic terrible. Controls, graphics, interface, gameplay, all junk. This looks like the one to watch. I hope it has the skins and continuous play of Lumines. I freaking love that game.

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