iPhone Blocks Hurt! HD - Beta Testers Needed

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    at last, Blocks Hurt! for iPad is almost completed. I'd like to recruit some brave testers to discover and fix last bugs and tune the overall difficulty.


    Many users says Blocks Hurt! for iPhone was a bit too difficult for casual players. So, i decide to low a bit the difficulty.
    In addition to normal testers, I'm looking for three serious HARD CORE TESTERS to play all the 90 battles and write me down a short list of the battles they found too hard or too frustrating (with suggestions on how to modify the battles, if any).

    I will personally reward hard core testers with a 10$ iTunes Gift card.

    Well, i'm waiting... ;)
  2. Hi, i am interested in test your game. This is my testflight email: patick.mela96@gmail.com

    I am quite good to test game (i have already tested a few ones)


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