iPad Block Hints only 23,000 puzzles

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    Block Hints $1 has 22,850 Rush Hour puzzles. I emailed Joel (author of Blocked 100 levels) about using this free generator back in September 2008 I believe to do so but he kept it simple. Don't blame him. But for hardcore Rush Hour fans this is pure heaven. Graphics look dope and decent I just hope controls work well. Parking Lot has 360 levels.

    Pretty sure used the free Rush Hour Puzzle Solver to generate puzzles. More power to him as I've been waiting for someone to do this.
  2. Finally decided to take the plunge and bought it this morning. Three themes are basic, wood, metal. Controls work well and you can use hint as much as you wish if you get stuck. I don't plan on using it but reserve to change my mind on very hard and expert levels though...hehe.

    Levels are:
    1,000 easy about 6 moves
    3,000 medium about 8-10 moves
    17,000 hard about 20 moves
    1,650 very hard about 26-30 moves
    200 expert about 35-41 moves

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