“Educational App by Blobbies - Toy of the Year Winner” Improve your kids’ learning ability with the collection of best …
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“Educational App by Blobbies - Toy of the Year Winner” Improve your kids’ learning ability with the collection of best brain games for kids in this unique kids learning app - Blobbies. It has some cool games and tests for everyone to have fun. Blobbies’ Games has a collection of best brain games, logical games, memory games, education games to improve the learning ability of kids. If you’re a kid’s parent and want to help your kid improve his/her learning ability or test their brain, you can choose the game to suit your kid’s learning needs. **************************** GAME MODES **************************** This Blobbies’ Education app is about making learning fun through games and fun challenges. Blobbies’ app is packed with 4 amazing fun sections - • Shape Challenge: Think you have an amazing memory? Dare to take Shape Challenge Test. Challenge your memory and help the Blobbies to blobbiemorph into the correct shapes. As you help the Blobbies fit the correct shape, you can collect Blobbie Essence bubbles. Once you have absorbed the necessary Blobbie Essence, BLOBBIEMORPH to defeat the HEXACONES! • Story of the Blobbies: Discover who the Blobbies are! Incredible beings with the power to adopt any form they learn! • Personality Test: Want to find out which Blobbie matches your personality? Take the Personality Quiz to find out which Blobbie is like you. Each blobbie has a unique color and a unique personality that differs from the others. • Blobbiemundo Trading Card Game: The Blobbies’ game also features the cards’ catalogs from the Blobbies’ Trading Card Game. Jump to Tabletopia and start playing the Blobbiemundo Card Game with your friends today! Education can be so much fun with these unique learning based games. Improve your and your kids’ memory with the Shape Matching Game. Take the personality test to know what kind of Blobbie you are. Play the fun Trading Card Game. Know the stories of the Blobbies. All of these packed in a single game - the Blobbies. Do you have it on your phone yet? Don’t miss the opportunity of playing the most unique educational game. **************************** SUPPORT US **************************** If you have any feedback for our game, we are all ears. Feel free to send us an email with your feedback. If you have liked our games, please rate us on the play store and share among your friends. Visit our website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram/blobbies Follow us on Twitter:
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Release:May 27, 2020
Updated:May 28, 2020
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