Blitz: Rise of Heroes

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Events unfold on Planet Larnes – some kind of cataclysm happened some time ago, claiming the lives of the Larnesians and…
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Events unfold on Planet Larnes – some kind of cataclysm happened some time ago, claiming the lives of the Larnesians and forcing the survivors to seek refuge underground. The inhabitants of Larnes are represented by five factions who are constantly in conflict with each other: Alliance (orcs, humans, elves, and dwarves), Keepers (half-humans, half-beasts, and magical beasts), Awakened (skeletons, vampires, ghosts, and flesh golems), Ashen (inorganic stone-skinned fanatics wreathed in unquenchable flames), Divine (creatures that cannot be attributed to any of the above factions). FEATURES: ● State-of-the-art 3D graphics and character animation ● Wide selection of weapons and clothing for your champion ● Auto-battle mode of up to 6v6 ● Accumulation of resources even when you are offline ● Various locations for epic battles ● Training Camp to level up your warriors ● 5 factions of heroes ● Opportunity to join or create your own Guild of Heroes ● Numerous competition and challenge modes ● Ongoing in-game tournaments ● Referral program to play with friends ● Market to purchase resources ● Daily rewards for logging into the game every day. ●Three types of chats are now available in the game GAME MODES: The ARENA is a place where players fight each other for rating points. The number of points determines your place in the ranking, and by fighting other members of the Arena, you either gain or lose rating points. GUILD HUNT, accessible only to guild members, is a mode where you fight against bosses! The hunt is activated by the guild master or the deputy as soon as enough activity points have accumulated. GUILD PATROL is a mode where you defend Barnes against the boss’ attacks! Only guild members can take part in this mode. Depending on the damage dealt to the enemy, you’ll get a well-deserved reward. MAIN CAMPAIGN – with many chapters and an epic narrative, this storyline is extremely interesting to follow. Take part in battles with opponents from different factions to find out what the future holds for our heroes. The TREASURE MAZE is a mode that consists of several levels with split paths. Choose the most comfortable path for your heroes that will win you rewards for the battles along the way. Here you can meet merchants, recruit an assistant to your squad, restore your heroes' health and energy, or even resurrect a dead hero. FLAMING FORTRESS is a mode that gradually increases in complexity. Dangerous opponents are waiting for you on every floor of the Flaming Fortress. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemy units are. Victory on one floor allows you to climb to the next. You can only go up the Fortress floors and cannot return to the floors you already passed. CHAT Communicate with other players in the Global, Language, and Guild chatrooms!
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