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    Any BU players here. :):):)
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    Hey guys! I just want to share some guide regarding characters in Bless Unleashed. I hope this would help.
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    TheCrusaders are one of the most important characters of the Bless Unleashed. There are two races available on crusader class: Human and Ippin. Humans are the most adaptable and the most populous in the world of Lumios. The human race excels at surviving in the harsh world around them. And Ippin are an animal race of intelligent warriors much like the Varg. Though they may be small, mouse-like even, the Ippin's are very swift and powerful race.

    Crusaders are virtuous champions who protect the innocent against the hordes of evil. The Crusader’s mighty shield can block multiple attacks, allowing them to strike down enemies with their blessed sword. Crusaders gain Bravery when slashing their enemies.

    Crusaders can slam their shield to the ground, sending out a massive shockwave and knocking down surrounding enemies. While defending with their shield, they also have their trusty sword to lay on the offense while safely guarding from any attacks. In addition to their impressive repertoire, the Crusader can harness the power of the Holy Light through their body and imbue their weapons to smite down their foes.

    Despite of all of that, the Crusader is the slowest attacker in the game. Their attack animations are far more telegraphed, and take longer to execute then even the Berserker. They are a 1-handed sword user this makes little to no sense. In PvP, the Berserker has a longer reach and a faster attack then the Crusader. They completely outclass us in basic attacks.


    Burning Blade: The Crusader harnesses the power of the Holy Light to deal devastating damage to their enemies.

    Resolute Warcry: The Crusader bolsters the righteous with an inspiring and incredible war cry granting them and their allies’ added defense for a time.

    Daring Assault: The Crusader leaps 15 meters into the air and lands with the power of the light within their shield, knocking down and dealing damage in a large radius.

    Burning BladeII: Filling their blade with radiant light, the Crusader unleashes it all at once in a single blinding thrust that knocks back enemies. The longer the skill is held, the more catastrophic the damage.

    Dauntless Charge: Without hesitation, the Crusader charges in a designated direction and continuously deals damage while knocking back enemies in their path.

    Twin Slash: Quickly slash your sword in an X-motion to attack enemies in front of you twice.

    Furious Warcry: Galvanize your comrades with an inspiring warcry, granting yourself and nearby allies attack power for a limited time.

    Counterattack: Hold up your shield to block all incoming attacks for a second, then release a piercing thrust and knock back enemies in an arc in front of you. The more damage this skill blocks, the more damage it deals afterwards.

    Unique Skills:

    Guard: Reduces all incoming damage in front of the Crusader. The Crusader’s shield absorbs a hefty amount of damage as long as your Guard Gauge has not been fully depleted.

    Shield Throw: Throw a holy shield to damage a single target.


    For the equipment’s, keep on increasing equipment’s gear score, focus on getting equipment through crafting, dungeons and always do regional quest for a chance to get a grade A equipment.

    Gear score is really important in every class much more on Crusader. It will increase the toughness of crusader, the more you increase your gear score the more it will get tough. Attack power and critical damage is important on this class. Good positioning, dodging and skills combination are perfect for PVE and PVP.
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    Why do you join a forum about mobile gaming just to talk PC gaming ?

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