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    Hey everyone, It's Rob from Metaversal Studios. I wanted to share with you our upcoming release - BlazBlue: Battle Cards. I've posted a first look at in-game card collecting, deck building and online fighting. I'll post more stills / promotional art / information leading up to the release of the game. In the meantime, check out what the game is all about, and feel free to ask questions and leave feedback!




    Developer: Metaversal Studios / Alliance Digital Media
    Release Date: Q1 2015
    Platform: iOS (iPad)
    Price: Free (with Purchasable Card Packs)


    BlazBlue: Battle Cards is an officially licensed digital card game based on Arc System Works / Aksys Games popular 2D fighting game series, BlazBlue. Capturing the epic intensity of both card battlers, and fighting games, players can choose from 9 uniquely customizable fighters and unleash devastating attacks online, in real-time, against opponents around the world. BlazBlue: Battle Cards will be launching on the App Store soon and will be available for download on the iPad.


    • Deep card-based gameplay that captures the epic intensity of BlazBlue.

    • A roster of 9 fan-favorite BlazBlue fighters; Azrael, Bang, Hakumen, Hazama, Jin, Noel, Ragna, Tager, and Taokaka.

    • Collect cards that include; attacks, defenses, counters, projectiles, specials and more.

    • Customizable card decks for creating the ultimate BlazBlue fighter.

    • Real-time online battles and leaderboards.

    • Official artwork and music from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.

    • Free to play, with the option to purchase card packs to collect even more fighting moves.

    • Post-launch content updates including additional iconic BlazBlue fighters.


    Card Collecting


    Deck Building






    Special Moves


    Distortion Finish


    Note: BlazBlue: Battle Cards is still in development. Some in-game artwork may change before release.

    For more info about us:


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  2. What blazeblue in a card game ? Can't wait to see that. There is a problem, we can't see anything ( pictures not showing) please edit !
  3. Not sure what happened with the images not showing up anymore but I re-uploaded them. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Wow guys looks clean! I'll be looking forward to this one upcoming
  5. Thank you! We've been working hard on this one. Can't wait to show everyone how it looks when playing a real-time PvP match. Hopefully we'll have footage to share soon.
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    It's cool to see this ip come to ios but I would kill to have a BB fighter with mfi controls.
  7. Talbs

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    iPhone. There is now an iPhone 6+ if you hadn't heard =p
  8. VaroFN

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    This, although I don't care about MFI :p
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    You'll need testers? or are you'll pretty close to launch already
  10. Thanks for the positive comments! We aim to submit to Apple in the coming months. We have in-house QA so testing should be all set for the time being. If we ever go with a public test I will be sure to let everyone know. On a side note, can everyone see the images I posted? There have been some issues off and on. If they don't show up for you, please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Ragna The Bloodedge - Character and Card Art.

    Here's a look at one of the characters from BlazBlue: Battle Cards - Ragna The Bloodedge!



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    Yup I can see them!
  13. Looks awesome. What's the basic rules about this game ? Is it like Magic, Hearthstone or Yu Gi Oh ?
  14. We'll be showing off in-game footage soon, which will give you a better idea what the rules are. There will also be a playable tutorial when the game launches. We are aiming to release something refreshingly new. It's been designed from the ground up and Aksys Games and Arc System Works have been involved the entire time.
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    This looks pretty cool. I'm looking forwawrd to seeing like the rules or some gameplay videos.

    EDIT: Just noticed this was iPad only... any chance we'll see it for iPhone?
  16. We have definitely been discussing the potential of releasing on other devices/formats. I'll post an update when any plans are solidified. We want as many people to enjoy our game as possible!
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    Gameplay Reveal:

    In BlazBlue: Battle Cards, fighters will be able to create deadly combos with fierce attacks and special moves.

    If you are low on health, and your opponent has dealt a life-threatening combo, you'll want to use "BURST".

    It can only be used once per match, and will stop your opponents combo- returning control to you.

    It makes for some really intense battles!


    Fight you soon!

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  18. Check out another fighter that will be in BlazBlue: Battle Cards - HAZAMA!


    Wait, he has a card that deals infinite damage!? LETHAL!


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  19. Noel Vermillion will be in BlazBlue: Battle Cards!


    Check out some of her special moves.


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    Thanks for sharing! I love Noel :)

    I definitely think you should look into getting this on iphones. The market is so much bigger there you'll definitely make more money by having it on a more mobile platform. I don't even own an ipad so I won't be able to touch this beauty.

    Another question, is this a constantly online game? This may be even worse for ipad users since data is bought as often on ipads.

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