BlazBlue: Battle Cards

Requires iPad 2 or better and an Internet connection.

Experience a fighting game like never before! Enter the w…
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Requires iPad 2 or better and an Internet connection.

Experience a fighting game like never before! Enter the world of BLAZBLUE, with an all-new CCG (Collectible Card Game) fighter! With BLAZBLUE: BATTLE CARDS™ you collect powerful fighting moves, customize the ultimate fighter, and unleash devastating card based attacks against online players around the world!


STRATEGIC FIGHTING: Create deadly card combos composed of KICKS, PUNCHES, THROWS, PROJECTILES and more! GUARD incoming attacks, or use COUNTER and DODGE cards to avoid opponent attacks. As you fight, save up HEAT and use it to dissolve your opponent’s HEALTH with explosive special moves.

DIVERSE CHARACTER ROSTER: Experience a refreshingly unique roster of fighters from the BLAZBLUE fighting game series. Choose from a total of 9 fan-favorite characters, each with diverse strategies, fighting moves, weapons, specials, defenses, and more!

CARD COLLECTING AND DECK BUILDING: Acquire CORE PACKS to collect over 200 different cards that range in rarity. Use your collection of cards to build custom decks for each fighter, then take them online to prove their worth, or tweak them for the next epic battle.

EPIC ONLINE FIGHTING: Choose BATTLE and immediately get matched against an opponent around the globe. Experience online fights in real-time as you aim to destroy your aggressor and climb the leaderboards.

AMAZING ART & SOUND: Immerse yourself in the BLAZBLUE series with official artwork, sound effects, voice over, and music from BLAZBLUE: CHRONO PHANTASMA™!

PLAY FOR FREE: No purchase is necessary to enjoy all of the features in BLAZBLUE: BATTLE CARDS™! Win battles and finish BOUNTIES to accumulate SOULS. Use them to acquire CORE PACKS, or purchase even more packs in the STORE.

More CARDS and new FIGHTERS are planned for future content updates!

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