Universal Blast Off Classic (by IRF Media)

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    Blast Off puts in you in control of a flying rocket that you fly through space. Blast down asteroids with your missiles and make sure you don’t crash into them into the asteroids! Collect more missiles to equip your rocket with more missiles.

    Your job is to make sure you rocket doesn’t crash. See how high of a score you can get and see if you can beat your friends high scores.

    Collect coins in the game and use them to unlock extras such as awesome extra rockets. Get fuel in space for your rocket to carry on flying your rocket otherwise it will run out of fuel and just plummet down!

    ★ Simply tilt your phone to control your rocket and dodge asteroids
    ★ Tons of different rockets to unlock
    ★ Awesome and appealing graphics

    There are many different rockets you can unlock to blast your way into space with. Collect coins, dodge and blast asteroids down and see how high of a score you can get and if you can beat your friends high score! 3.2.1... Blast Off!
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